Different Brands of Tattoo Inspire Clothing

A tattoo is a design that is permanently etched in the skin using needles and ink. The popularity of tattoos has continued to grow over the last 200 years. They are a method of self expression.
However, people with tattoos are looked down upon and are still judged by some. They are stigmatized. Apart from that, many people are not okay with the idea of having something permanent on their skin, something which they will end up regretting later on in life; while some cannot bear the pain of being needled. This has led to people expressing themselves by a new  designs on clothing instead.
Tattoo inspire clothing has found a place of its own in the world of fashion. It shows the individuality of the person and is unique to the wearer. Punks, goth and rockabillies are usually the target market of this clothing style. However, mindsets and tastes are changing. These clothes are not only worn by eccentric people who have multiple body piercings and dyed hair. Now, even mom’s are seen dressing their kids in tattooed shirts and hoodies. Girls are getting their tank tops inked as well as school bags, converse, heels and what not. Infect, Rebel Circus uses this brand, even sells inked aprons and kitchenware! No more are tattoos only seen on criminals, prison inmates and biker bad boys. The stigmatization of tattoos is diminishing and they are becoming socially acceptable. People are also becoming less concerned about other’s opinions and are doing what they want to.

This fashion allows the person to add their very own style by customising their clothes. There are no specific designs, one just needs creativity and imagination to explore the never ending possibilities. This style does not change from season to season and one does not have to be worried about the latest trends in the fashion world. These people wouldn’t be sifting through Vogue and GQ magazines trying to figure out the lookbook for the next season. They have their own mindset and their own ideas. Many people resort to this as a mode of channelling their thoughts and philosophy as some are not extroverts while some are just not listened to. This style is a much intimate and eclectic process with subcultures and designs emerging and evolving over time. For further details click http://musink.com.au/

Moreover, men can seek refuge in this kind of clothing as their style options are very restricted while women have a wardrobe full of colors, shapes and sizes. If men can’t go all out then they can spice it up a little by getting the cuffs and the collar tattooed and wearing tattooed shoes. It’s all about being expressive and making you feel refreshed.

There are numerous brands selling  garments and accessories such as Rebel Circus, InkAddict, Inkedshop, Sullen Clothing. They customize the shirts according to the preferences of the individual and ship them worldwide. They are associated with famous tattoo artists who get recognition for their hard work through these brands. Some of the famous artists are Ryan Smith, Don Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry.

Alternative Clothing has always been done for oneself, not to impress others. To express oneself no matter how much others put you down. Be who you want to be. Wear what you like.


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