goth clothing and our culture

                            Goth Clothing and our culture


Gothic people have been a subculture which has been around for a couple of decades. However, many people are still afraid of them. Goth clothing  is popular for being way too fond of the color black. At least one item of clothing they wear is always black. Darkness, the afterlife, paranormal, and morbidity are what comes to everyone’s mind when they think Goth, rightfully so as they are big on cemeteries, abandoned castles and churches, spirits and curses. People also associate them with criminal activities, but they are pretty anti-violence. This is usually why people end up being a little too creeped out by them.

In a nutshell, people think that Goths are introverts who mostly like to sulk and mind their own business while they listen to quite sullen music and draw things like smoke, spikes, cemeteries, ghosts and Wiccan pentagon.  Goths are not really introverts, they are introspects instead. They are in touch with their self as they examine, analyze and observe themselves greatly. As they are not much of a people person, they tend to express themselves through their physical image, their general behavior towards everything as well as music, poetry and art. They give everything a dark brooding touch and this is what sets them apart from others, they have distinguished themselves in their own unique way for the world to know. They are famous for being artsy as well as wordy because Goth art is a whole new genre while Goth music has its own place in the music industry as well. They are also quite poetic about things like death, life, the world, our existence. The future of Alternative clothing  is very bright due to its new look.

This subculture was seen initially in the 1980s in the UK and since then has spread globally impacting countless people and growing by the day instead of diminishing. Goth clothing actually scares many people. It consists of a lot of black; black clothes, piling on black eyeliner, dark lipstick and nail color, making the face pasty white, having spiked hairstyles dyed usually black but now neon is the new thing, multiple body piercings, neck collars, chains, belts and various bondage items like body cage harness. Girls usually wear corsages with gauzy skirts and fishnets underneath with black heeled boots. Cotton bloomers are usually worn in summers. Men wear black pants with black boots. It is difficult to wear these everywhere such as the workplace, weddings, the beach; so this is not necessary, many Goths end up wearing color but then they spice it up in a way which makes the look totally gothic. Rebel Circus, Doll Skill, Black Angel, Good Goth, Asylum Industries, Heavy Red, Tragic Beautiful, Vampire Freaks, Attitude Clothing are just few of the gothic outlets in the world. Many projects have been set up now, catering to the individual needs of fellow Goths.

Symbolism is also a big part of this subculture which makes people think that Goths are a Satanic occult as they wear the Christian cross, the eye of Ra, the Wiccan pentagon. Many people became Goths at a certain phase of their life when they felt disconnected from the world and the people around them. These people are known for being different from cultural and socio-political norms, in fact, the whole reason for this whole expressionism is because they do not connect with what we may call “normal people”.  Dracula by Bram Stoker and Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice have created a legacy in this subculture. Tattoo inspire clothing is a new trend which is gaing importance in our society.

This makes people think that Goths are filled with hatred and violence, they however are far from it, they focus on tolerance, tolerance towards the evil and cruelty one goes through, they are about acknowledging grief and supporting each other through such obstacles.




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