The things which Make stained teeth

Daily we drink and eat different things due to which the teeth get stained and it gradually increases and cover the whole teeth and after a few times, you find stained teeth. If you want to scape from such things, then you must avoid using the following things that could harm your teeth easily.

Black coffee – The black coffee is one of the things that play a role to damage your teeth. When you feel sleepy and you need to work on something, you take it, but it directly affects on your teeth and damage enamel of the teeth. It is very dangerous that you take black coffee and sleep without doing brush. So you must avoid this habit of taking black coffee in the night and sleep without doing brush.

Tea – The tea is the alternative of Coffee, Someone who does not drink Black coffee, they prefer to take tea, but both of the things are the culprits for the teeth. The tea contains tannins ingredient the is the main cause of giving stains to the teeth. However, once you get stained teeth, then you have to spend a lot of money on treatment. The price of dental implants is very high which is not affordable for everyone.

Soda Drinks – it is one of the favorite drink for kids and every age and generation people, but it is one of the main things that create stained teeth. It directly affect on enamel and gums and create stains on the teeth. It is one of the leading things and cause due to which teeth get stained. Most of the people think, if they drink sugar free Soda drinks, then might be they do not get any harm from the drink. However, as per the dentist specialist, both of the drinks are harmful for the teeth and gradually affect on the teeth.

Chocolates – Chocolates are very famous among the kids, but also teenager eats it and people use the chocolates in different foods. However, it is also harmful for the teeth because the cavity creates in the teeth due to the chocolates and such kind of things. Most of the kids sleep after eating the chocolates due to which they need to get dental work for the teeth for removing the cavity. So it is definitely harmful, if you eat it in a excess way.


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