Hairline transplant for female in Lahore

Hairline transplant for female in Lahore

Are you losing several strands of hair in every brush? Are you feeling that your hair gets thinner? Then take a deep breath, today, you may find the solution of your problem.


Receding hairline problem may not merely be limited to men, women may also victimize of it. There are numerous myths and reasons behind such hair loss which range from malnutrition to the hormonal imbalances. The permanent solution to this problem is nothing but a Fue hair transplant in Lahore. Yes! Hair transplantation is equally all important for both genders.


First of all, what you need is just to choose a right physician or surgeon to whom you would discuss your problems. Once you disclosed all the hair problems that you are facing, then it is the responsibility of your physician to prescribe you the best treatment.


Initially, the surgeon diagnoses few main aspects of your case including the skin type you have, how much grafts are required to be transplanted. He also examines whether the receding hairline may cause due to hereditary issues. Then, he will go through the surgery process.


Nowadays, various hair restoration techniques have been introduced like FUE, FUT or FIT. For this hair transplant clinic in Lahore is a good option. These are termed as walk-in and walk-out treatment in which you no need to be admitted in the hospitals for long. In each treatment, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor sites and are transplanted to the affected area. It leaves no scars. The transplantation process is invasive and cannot be distinguishable. The size of hair grafts simply depends upon the ratio of hair loss. The larger the scalps, the more hair follicles will be needed.


The hair restoration surgery is usually followed by local anesthesia that lasts up to 2 hours. The transplantation will take maximum a day but it is pretty linked with the number of grafts to be transplanted.


The physician will provide a list of activities that should be avoided prior to the surgery, they may cause bleeding during the surgery. The prohibition list might include:


  • Intake of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of smoking is not desirable.
  • Quit off medicines.
  • Avoid aspirins.
  • Vitamins and supplements are not productive.


The hair transplant in Pakistan will give you natural looking and dense hair. It is a simple, less painful and minimally invasive procedure. It involves neither stitches nor linear scarring. It assures the future viability to prevent hair loss.
Once you have done with the transplantation, now utmost care is required. You should try to comb your hair gently so that it could not harm the newly grafted shafts. You should cover your head with a scarf and avoid direct exposure to the sun. You should wash your hair but use the prescribed shampoo and avoid using your regular shampoo because it may harsh on newly grafted scalps. Consult the surgeon immediately if you are experiencing any sort of illness or itching. It may discomfort you for few hours but once they have settled they will no longer tease you.


Longer, thicker and shinier hair is the wish of every girl because hair add a glory to her personality. Unfortunately, the inadequate diet may result in hair loss or at times it is led by hereditary. Whatever the cause may be, it becomes a hurdle which peevish a girl badly. Take the advantage of hair restoration and get your gorgeous hair back and go ahead in your life confidently. For further details click




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