What hair loss means to me?

What hair loss means to me?


Every individual carries different traits. The genes inherited by the parents are actually responsible for one’s phenotype, i.e. the physical appearance. Every individual carries a unique set of genes, which gives them a unique individuality.

This individuality compels each person to visualize things with a different perspective. For me, my physical appearance is very important, and does for the others as well. Including me, everyone is concerned about his self-image. In this matter, if one comes across significant hair loss, his self esteem will surely become affected.  As matter of fact, hair loss is not the issue; rather the image this problem creates affects the individuals. Hair loss changes the perception as to how others perceive the affected individual.

However, this issue can be treated. The first step is to look for a hair transplant clinic in Lahore. He will guide in the best possible manner, as to which treatment is most suitable for you, i.e. you should go for medical hair restoration (usually non surgical treatment) or surgical hair restoration techniques. Hair transplant cost in Lahore http://lahorehairclinic.com/hair-transplantation/ is a major issue for such people.

How I perceive hair loss?

When it comes to me, I am very concerned about my overall image, especially how people see me. Consulting a hair restoration physician is the best option in this regard. For me, the discussion about hair loss treatment is not sufficient, rather I would prefer to talk more about the consequences it can impose on my self-image in future. The thing that I really want my physician to do is to restore my self-image. Once I am satisfied, only then I will be able to satisfy others.

Issues related to hair loss

There are many things I want my physician to do. He should be fully aware as to how I perceive the negative aspects of hair loss. However, this perception varies from individual to individual. Some are concerned about the bald spot, while others may be worried about the receding hairline. According to me, here are some negative effects imposed by hair loss on one’s self image:

  • It causes loss of attractiveness
  • The affected individual starts to look older than his age
  • The individual feels embarrassed regarding going bald
  • It causes significant loss of self confidence

What to do next?

After having a detailed discussion with my physician about the effects imposed by hair loss to me, the next topics to be concerned are as follow:

  • How far the hair restoration technique will help me out?
  • Which approach regarding hair loss is most suitable for me?
  • What are the outcomes of the decided approach?
  • How much time the procedure will consume?
  • Are there any side-effects associated with it?
  • How much expensive the procedure is?

The physician must be fully aware what actually hair loss means to you. In this manner, he will be able to treat you at the best of his abilities. We have the best Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan for you.



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