Effects of Hair Transplant on Social Life

Effects of Hair Transplant on Social Life


Hair loss or baldness is loss of frontal hairs mostly including thinning of hairs. In medical terms called alopecia. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure of grafting donors back of the hairs to the Alopecia suffering patient front or top of the head in such a natural way that allows it to grow usually in a year under the use of local anesthetics by dermatologists or hair transplant expert surgeons.

How Alopecic Suffers:

  1. Sense of oldness
  2. Personality destruction
  3. Dissatisfaction
  4. Embarrassment
  5. Lack of confidence
  6. Humiliation by social setup.
  7. Low self-esteem
  8. Depression and Stress
  9. Producing negativity
  10. Jobs problems
  11. Personal life destruction


How FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan Changes Social Life:

Hair transplant can change one’s life and its necessary to take treatment because you can control his/her weight but not the hair loss. The expert surgeons, reliable and more patient friendly treatment settings make hair restoration a simple procedure.

How hair transplantation changes one’s life is describes in following points:

  1. Gain of Confidence and self-esteem: Reportedly rate of depression is higher in bald men compared to women. Negative effects of hair loss on confidence, self-image and self-esteem have been observed. According to hair restoration expert’s patients gain more confidence and return to life after gaining hairs.
  2. It completely changes one’s personality as hairs are half of personality and you act what you are.
  3. Increasing job competency and open up career opportunities
  4. Gain fuller look : As transplanted hair merges with natural hairs so smoothly that it gives complete natural look
  5. Personality building: when you think you look good, you definitely do well.
  6. Better love lives
  7. Increase ration of attending gatherings, events and parties
  8. Behavioral stability
  9. Stress and anxiety relieves
  10. It increase happiness and energy level and outlook towards the future
  11. Sense of youthfulness
  12. Social circle grows as you feel no shame and embarrassment with your fuller look, you love to meet people and make contacts.
  13. Positive behaviors
  14. Future outlook
  15. Thinking positively


Hair restoration defiantly and potentially reverses psychosocial negative effects that are associated with baldness. Therefore the hair loss treatment in Pakistan need better and quick attention and the treatment should be considered and started on early stages of hair loss, so it doesn’t destruct sufferer life and he/she can enjoy the true meanings of life.




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