Best songs of mohammad Rafi

Best songs of mohammad Rafi

Mohammad Rafi was very famous playback singer of India film industry. At his peak time, he used to be a very well know singer and almost every film contains his songs in it. He started his career in 1944 and died in 1980 in India. You can find many new singers who find the Mohammad Rafi has inspiration because the vocals and themes which Mohammad Rafi has used still people are working on it and learning many new things. He is the legendary singer of the India industry and still people are remaking his songs and using the same vocal and lyrics.

Mohammad Rafi has sung many types of songs like Indian classical, Ghazal, Playback singing, Qawwali, Thumri, Bhajan, Western music. People consider the mohammad rafi has a king of singing. The new singer always copies mohammaf rafi style and learn many new things from him. Here are the few best songs of mohammad rafi which has been very famous throughout the world.

Likhe jo khat tujhe

Likhe jo khat tujhe song was sung by mohammad rafi in 1968 and it was the very famous song of that time. People were crazy about it.

Bharon phool barsao

Bharon phool barsao was much hit song of 1966 and still people sing this song for giving the value to mohammad rafi.

Kya hua tera wada

Yaadon ki baaraat was the film in which kya hua tera wada song sung by the mohammad rafi. It was much hit film and song was very great.


Dard-e-dil is all time favorite songs of everyone and it was sung with feeling and people liked this song very much and still new singer prefers to sing this song. Probably it was the latest songs of the mohammad rafi before death in 1980.

Khoya khoya chand

Khoya khoya chand is also sung by the mohammad rafi and it was a great and massive hit song.

Ajj masusam bada beimann hai

is also mohammad rafi song and still people sing this song when they see good weather. mohammad rafi songs are every green that people can sing in anywhere.

Except the above songs, Mohammad Rafi has sung many other songs which are also famous and still other singers are copying that. Further, you can consider Old Pakistani songs which are also famous and classical. Mehdi Hassan and noor jahan were very famous Pakistani singers of classic time.

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