Satta matka in Mumbai

Satta matka

Satta matka is a well-known gambling game in India and especially in Mumbai. A lot of people are connected with that game and they love to play satta matka. In satta matka there is a large earthen pitcher. The participants of that game selects their numbers and they are written in small slips of paper. After then these slips are placed in the pitcher and in the end a random slip is selected and the owner of that slip is declared as winner of that game. The winner of that game is called as Satta King.

The winner of that game will be the owner of whole money. In this way any person can become satta king and could earn money from that game. So, satta matka is a source of enjoyment, suspense and way to earn money. Perfect guessing is used to become the satta king. Now a day’s lot of websites on internet offer, their services regarding the perfect guessing but most of them do not offer they right services. It is a special art and very few people have command on it. People can become satta king with the experience. A lot of people in Mumbai are connected to that game. It is illegal in India.

Satta matka was originated with the opening and closing rates of cotton exchange market in New York .Later on it was connected with the opening and closing rates of Mumbai cotton exchange market. In this many mill workers are connected with that game . After some time Mumbai exchange market left the practice and it was the critical time for that game. In such circumstances there must be some alternative ways to keep the game alive. So the idea of generating random number got importance in the market and it became the standard of that game . There are two famous  types of game. But the most important one is kalyan makta .


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