Gesseiro de sucesso

Gesseiro de sucesso

Plaster can be used for walls coating and decorating. It has many types of gypsum plaster, cement plaster, and heat resistant plaster. Gesseiro de sucesso will help to protect the walls or ceiling from being damaged. Plaster can prolong walls life as it covers the walls and protects from heat, the sunshine or bad weather. You can apply plaster to any of your walls by following some simple steps. Applying plaster can be in two different forms including using plaster to existing plaster and applying plaster to new walls.

If you are going to plaster new walls, you can make and apply plaster yourself within some time.

  • Firstly, pour plats into a bucket and add water to it.
  • Maintain a normal temperature i.e. not so hot or not so cool.
  • Ad a small amount of water first. If you feel less water in the mixture, add more but always try to maintain its level.
  • Try not to increase water level I the mixture so that it becomes fragile which cannot be applied on the walls.
  • Add a whole layer of plaster to the water and keep going slowly (Not too much or the mixture will become hard by time).
  • After mixing water and plaster, you will get a perfect mixture of it usually called slaking.
  • Keep adding water until its color disappears after some time. It means the color will disappear after adding it to the water for the first time. The next time you will add, it will also disappear but for a less time. Repeat this process until you feel the time of appearing it for a few seconds only.
  • After mixing both the substances, pour it slowly. After this, apply its layer but try to avoid bubbles under its layer.
  • You will have a smooth surface of it by using this method.

Besides this, if you are looking for applying the plaster to existing one, you can also do this easily and quickly. You just have to know some important things. Unlike the first method, this one requires greater moisture ratio. This is because of the existing dry plaster will draw a large amount of moisture which can disturb your whole mixture. That’s why, always use a perfect ratio to plaster with success, and you will get the best results. John Luca offers the best services in that field.

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