3 Hydroponic Systems in 1 with the Harvest Dome

3 Hydroponic Systems in 1 with the Harvest Dome

When the typical home gardener first begins their Hydroponics Growing hobby, there are many choices available.  Someone could drill a few holes into the lid of a plastic bin, place net pots into those lids, creating a deep-water culture system.  Not a bad choice for the beginner.  This does require some tools and you will need skills to operate those tools properly.

The Aeroponic growing method sounds a bit more complicated, but actually it is quite simple.  Basically, you fill a holding vessel,  that contains a submersible pump, high enough to cover the pump with the nutrient-infused water.  The pump sprays the nutrient-infused mist at timed intervals.  When the mist stops spraying, the plant roots take in oxygen.

Now, the amount of water used is usually much less than the deep-water culture method.  Deep water uses 5 to 7 gallons of water.  An aeroponic system may only require 2 gallons or less.  This makes water changes much easier.

Most growers will need to purchase a humidity germination station.  These stations aid in the sprouting of seeds indoors.  There is usually a clear lid with an adjustable vent.  Many place a heating pad under the station to maintain a 75Degree F temperature which is required for most seeds to germinate.

Some “more advanced” growers may decide to clone their plant’s cuttings.  This usually requires a cloning machine, which uses aeroponic action to stimulate the root growth of their cuttings.  A cloning machine will set you back around 100 or more dollars.

I have discovered a hydroponic system that is actually a combination of three separate indoor gardening systems.  They call it the Harvest Dome, made by Custom Hydro Products.  This machine looks unique, like some sort of NASA experiment.  You are able to grow 7 plants at a time.  Cloning, seed germination, and growing plants to full size is possible with this product.   You can even grow starter plants from your local nursery, to full size.

In order to clone your cuttings in the Harvest Dome, just add liquid root hormone to your water.  Place your cuttings into the plugs which fit into the 7 net pots.  Let the pump mist spray the water onto your cuttings for 24 hours a day until roots develop.

In another scenario, let’s say that you would like to grow 7 pepper plants in the Harvest Dome.  They have been started in soil planters from your local nursery.  You would add flowering nutrient to your pump water.  Rinse most of the soil from the plant roots.  Now place the each plant into a plug, with the roots extending below each of the 7 net pots.  Set the pump to mist on the roots for a 15 minute on/15 minute off cycle.

If you would like to germinate the seeds for 7 plants in the Harvest Dome, place the 7 (included)  rockwool cubes into each net pot.  Add the seeds into the rock wool.  Then lay the clear humidity dome over the net pot dome.  Add the proper plant nutrient to the water.  Set your pump misting time to a 15 minute on/15 minute off cycle.  Place your grow light around 6 inches above the dome.  After your seedlings have sprouted upward by a few inches, simply remove the humidity dome.

I saved around 100 hundred dollars because I do not need to by a cloning machine now.  The Harvest Dome fits easily into a two foot x two foot growing area.  This is a smart product.

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