Origin of Satta matka in India

Origin of Satta matka in India

Now a day’s many people are searching for the ways to become satta kings. Actually satta matka is very old game placed all over the India and particularly in Mumbai and its adjacent cities. That game is played in India before the partition of subcontinent. At that time it was connected with the opening and closing of New York cotton exchange market, but later on it was concerned with the Mumbai cotton exchange market. With the passages of time things got maturity and many people of Mumbai take interest in that game. Many bookies open their shops near the cotton mills and in this way that game got importance in Mumbai.

Mumbai was the center of that game and many people were connected with that game and it was the source of earn money as well. So at the same time it was a source of enjoyment and earn money. After some years, the rules of that game were changed and it was connected with generating the random numbers. After that it was connected with the larger earthen pitcher and it small chits of papers were placed in the pitcher and the numbers of were written on the pitchers. In the end of day one random slip was picked and the owner of that number was called as the winner. The winner of satta matka is called satta king and he will become the owner of whole money.

For the time being satta matka is not allowed in India officially but many online websites are offering their services for the satta matka . In satta matka http://satta-matka.com/  perfect guessing has its vital role and many people have that art. Perfect guessing will help to become satta king.


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