Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures in Thailand

It is a big decision to undergo plastic surgery. To choose any of the medical procedures for abroad makes it even a great choice. Thailand is offering Thailand cosmetic surgery procedures for approximately eight years. They provide multiple medical solutions, and their helpful staff will guide each and everything with the entire process of surgery. Their team offers all the details of the plastic surgery in Thailand, helps you to plan your whole trip, and tells you about the cosmetic surgery Thailand packages.

There is a diversity of cosmetic surgery Thailand packages. Their top procedures involve the following:

  • Liposuction
  • Facelift
  • Breast Lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast augmentation



Thailand consists of the most professional and experienced nurses and surgeons who will make sure that their patients receive adequate care during their surgery treatments. Thailand provides affordable rates for liposuction in Phuket. The prices are almost 30 to 60 percent less as compared to other countries.


The standard procedures are facelifts in Thailand as the costs of the facelifts are 30 to 60 percent less as compared to the facelift costs in other countries like liposuction. It is necessary for the individuals who undergo the facelift procedures to stay almost two weeks for follow-ups and the removal of the stitches before you come back to your home. The staff will guide you through each step, and they assure you that you take proper rest and you feel that you are in better hands.

Breast Lift

The best surgeon in the world present in Thailand is Dr. Sanguan, voted as one of the top three surgeons for the breast surgery around the world. Multiple people select to have their breast lift surgery in Thailand due to the cost-effective strategies and the state of art facilities.

Tummy tuck

Surgeons perform the tummy tuck procedures under the general anesthesia in Thailand. You must take off of almost three weeks after your surgery.  The benefit of taking the surgical procedure of Thailand is that you can relax and recover while enjoying on the Phuket island.

Breast augmentation

There are multiple benefits when you are going for the breast augmentation in Thailand. The cost/price of the surgery is less as compared to other countries, and you can enjoy and recover after your surgical procedure.

You can see at the affordable packages of the plastic surgery in Thailand which helps you in making the best decision for you.

Be aware, The IRS is sending people who owe back taxes to third party debt collectors – they don’t have your best interests at heart

Owing the IRS money isn’t an unusual situation, millions of Americans run into issues with tax debt and that number keeps rising. It’s almost impossible to accurately assess just how much money the IRS are owed due to the ever increasing cost of penalties, interest and fines but at last count a conservative estimate was put at $138 billion by the New York Times back in 2017, but some estimates have been as high as $400 billion. It’s no surprise that the costs, manpower and time involved in recouping even a fraction of this colossal amount is a incredibly tall order, even for the Federal government with their almost limitless resources – imposing interest and penalties is one thing but the act of collection involves a lot of man hours that have stretched the IRS budget to its limits.

In an effort to relieve the strain, the IRS have previously sought to employ outside debt collection agencies to act on their behalf in 1996 and 2006 – both attempts ended in failure due to spiraling costs, poor collection figures and concerns about abusive tactics by the agencies. Reports about illegal and exploitative collection methods plus underhand psychological techniques brought a damning New York Times article that set out how collection agencies pushed hundreds of thousands of Americans into financial ruin. Unfortunately, the IRS is having another throw of the dice at collecting tax debt using these private collection agencies and unsurprisingly many reports are already worryingly familiar.

In 2017, the IRS appointed four debt collection agencies to pursue $920 million of tax debt with a goal of recouping $2.4 billion over the next decade through external collection agencies. On purely financial terms, the first year of the program has been a financial disaster for the IRS – of the $920 million only $6.7 million was collected. What’s worse is that it cost the IRS $20 million in payments to these companies, a loss of $13.3 million. In a further twist it was revealed that in several cases the IRS paid these collection agencies 25% commission on collections the IRS made without their help. In spite of these staggering figures the IRS have announced their attention to press on with the program regardless of the losses.

Leading you into financial ruin

This isn’t just a bad deal for the IRS, it’s a terrible deal for anyone struggling with tax debt and now facing the prospect of having to deal with these collection agencies. It wasn’t long from the launch of this program that alarming stories started to appear about the tactics employed by the agencies.

Firstly, it has become evident from the figures released that agencies disproportionally targeted those least able to pay. 44% of collected debt came from people who live below the federal poverty level, many of whom are living off Social Security benefits. Aside from pushing these families into ruin this tactic has a knock-on effect as these families are pushed further into government programs – if these cases were overseen by an IRS agent then for the most part they would qualify for hardship status and be declared CNC (Currently Not Collectable)

Secondly, and perhaps the biggest cause for concern for every single person struggling with tax debt, is the ruinous advice these debt-collection agencies are providing in an effort to maximize their collections. In a New York Times investigation it was uncovered that the four agencies used by the IRS had been encouraging illegal and high-risk financial strategies to pay back taxes debt. Some of these strategies include

  • Encouraging people to dip into a 401k or IRA to pay off their tax debt – even though doing so would certainly increase their tax liability.
  • Advising people to take out a home loan or borrow
  • Pressuring people to charge their tax debt to a credit card
  • Advising people to borrow money from family or friends to make payments.
  • Pushing people to liquidate assets.

Not only is this terrible advice, it is also illegal and in clear violation of the tax code.

Know your rights

Owing money to the IRS does not strip you of your rights and with third party agencies now involved it’s essential that you know where you stand and your rights.

If your debt is assigned to a private debt collection agency the IRS will inform you by letter – if you are approached by a third party claiming to be working on behalf of the IRS without having received notice you must contact the IRS immediately (it’s important to remember that this may well be a scam)

Under law, collection agents are not permitted to harass you regarding your tax debt; they must follow your instructions not to contact you at your place of work if you have requested this.

They must refrain from threatening you to make a payment.

Most importantly, you have the right to refuse any dealings with a third party tax collection agency and have your case dealt with by the IRS directly.

For the millions of Americans who are dealing with IRS attorney, the introduction of external debt collection agencies is a worrying development. It has never been so imperative that you arm yourself with the very best possible advocacy. Defense Tax Group works for you; we don’t stop until we secure you the very best financial outcome.

So if you are looking for tax help then you are at right place.



Airport shuttle service in Sydney

The Sydney Airport PlanB Shuttle service in Sydney provides all the facilities including airport shuttle services, cruise shuttle services, and event charter services. It allows all these services in all the suburb areas of Sydney. You can take maximum benefit of its neat and clean, safe and secure traveling with your university groups or alone with the several features of the shuttle service to enjoy your time of travel.

The Sydney Airport PlanB Shuttle Service caters various groups, business clients and families along with their children. You can prefer the PlanB Shuttle service for airport transfers as it is safe and secure, affordable and reliable.  Currently, they a are operating 14-seater and 12-seater minibusses which consist of the NSW transport department.


Considered as reliable and classy transfer system either to the Sydney airport of from the Sydney airport to your home. The PlanB Airport Shuttle Sydney Services are for those people who are fond of traveling, and the people who do not want any fuss and want to visit with maximum comfort. The services are present for 24 hours; you can take according to your flight timings, a few hours before the time of your flight. You can even start your trip when you sit in the shuttle as it is quite cozy, you can enjoy in it as well.


Want to travel in style? Prefer to choose cruise ships, when you consider your destination as an essential segment of your trip. When you leave the door of your home, you can start your journey by sitting in the shuttle and going towards the airport.  When you sit in a local car of shuttle service, you can minimize your luggage problems and problems of public transport that ordinary people have to face every day. You can also reduce the traffic fuss with a shuttle that transports you and your luggage quickly than the other means of transport.  The PlanB Airport Shuttle Sydney Service can pick you from any part of Sydney where you want and can drop you in the same way.


The PlanB Shuttle Service Sydney  has a renowned name when it comes to talking about the event transport. On certain occasions, there are a lot of issues regarding the guests to go to the exact location. The shuttle service can pick them from their home or airport and drop them to the place of that festival.



Types of Breast Surgery in Thailand

Are you heartbroken with your breasts? Nowadays, multiple women choose for the breast enlargement and breast lift. Both processes are safe and straightforward than the past.  Currently, breasts surgery Thailand is among the first procedures for the cosmetics.  The packages of the breast implant mean that it has never been secure and straightforward to have the breast surgery. The females who have breasts of small size, who have undergone alterations in their breasts because of pregnancy, weight loss, or breastfeeding, will have this surgery often. It results in a firm and large breasts which can give them a feeling of becoming more confident and feminine.

From the past time till now, multiple people have chosen to go to Thailand for the surgery purposes of cosmetic breast surgery for instance breast enlargement and breast lift. Different people select breast surgery Thailand and breast augmentation Thailand for multiple reasons; the breast implants Thailand costs are lower than other implants in other countries. Thailand consists of the most professional surgeons, and it is feasible to make a combination of surgery and a holiday and have an excellent comfortable environment to take rest and recover soon.

The breast implants Thailand costs or prices for the overall surgery of breast are reasonable so that the people desire traveling to Thailand for their operation. Their rates are much lower than the breast surgeries in Western countries which make the surgery an excellent choice for the people who want to have the breast surgery, but they do not have enough amounts for their operation.

Thailand can arrange the breast surgery as well as also offer the best packages for the breast implant. It means that you can organize your whole trip from the beginning to the end in an environment with no stress.

There are two methods for the breast surgery Thailand that the surgeons perform are the breast enlargement and breast lift. The surgeons perform the enlargement surgery or breast implant to enhance the breast size and breast lift to make the corrections in the breast droopiness. The surgeons perform both the breast enlargement and breast lift together as well as in isolation. Make sure to choose the best surgeon in Thailand who specializes in breast surgery when you need any surgery. You should take rest in a comfortable environment for some days for your recovery.


lamborghini rental los angeles

Lamborghini Rental Los Angeles is the #1 Lamborghini rental company in the Los Angeles, California area. They are a company that strives to set themselves apart from other rental companies–even those that rent out exotics such as Rolls Royces, Ferraris, and Porsches–and it definitely shows!

First off, the Lamborghini itself–a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder–that the company rents out to its customers is something that automatically sets it apart from others. Its beautiful white exterior is paired up with a leather and suede interior, red stitching, and red brake calipers. The fact that it’s a convertible makes driving it in California even better! If you are looking for rent a lambo in la then you are at right place.

Second to note, is the magic under the hood. Renters can comfortably brag about the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder’s 5.2 L V-10 engine, 573 Horse Power at 8,000 RPM, an acceleration of 0-60 at 2-3 seconds, and a top speed of 200 miles per hour! This, paired with the sleek exterior and gorgeous interior screams EXOTIC!

Another indication of this company’s greatness is how it deals with the rental process. What makes it the hottest deal in Los Angeles is that it is the most flexible Lamborghini rental company in LA in terms of age, miles, and price. The company offers an unlimited miles option, and has the best price for this service in the Los Angeles area! When customers rent for longer, they are able to save even more! Lamborghini Rental Los Angeles is also very accommodating to age, with its mindset being that if the car is brought back the way it was received, why should the customer pay more just because of his or her age? Age doesn’t play a major role in the rental price of the Lamborghini, but rather just the deposit.

On top of all that, the company takes pride in its easy and fast rental process. Customers can book fast and are saved from heaps of paperwork and legal jargon that would dull the fun experience.

Customers are allowed to pick up the car themselves or can have the Lamborghini conveniently dropped off at their personal residence–whether in Angelino Heights or all the way in Yucca Corridor, and every neighborhood in between.

So if you are counting on a good time and a great deal, don’t hesitate to book with lamborghini rental la today! They will definitely make it worth your while, and your money too.

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DAISY COPELIN at Meet Your Next Favorite Author

By chance, I met Daisy Copelin on Instagram. I was immediately impressed to find out more about her children’s book No More Bad Secrets, A kid-to-kid guide on Safe Body Touch.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are abused sexually before they reach 18 years old. In the light of those staggering statistics, and feeling the need to protect children, combined with her passion for working with children, Copelin has used her gift of teaching and writing, to create a book, designed to help kids know and learn safe boundaries for their bodies.

Daisy Copelin’s message to children and young people comes from a place of first-hand experience. Sometimes we’re not always dealing a fair share in life. But it’s possible to overcome your circumstances, live out your dreams and be the best you that you can be.

I’m glad to introduce you to Daisy Copelin!

  1. Can you introduce yourself, what’s your name, where are you from… ?

Hi, my name is Daisy Copelin. I am originally from Suffolk Country, born and raised, but have been residing in Brooklyn the past 10 years(2018)

  1. Tell us something unexpected about yourself!

I am adopted

  1. Give 2 things about yourself that you think matter the most?

I am authentic and I genuinely love working with children.

  1. Identity Card
  2. Do you remember the first book you read?

No! I am getting older I guess

  1. What makes you laugh/cry?

Madea movies make me laugh, and sad movies and pretty much just about everything makes me cry now that I think about it

  1. In which genre do you write?

Children’s stories

  1. What makes your book special, how is it different from other books in your genre?

My book No More Bad Secrets is special because it solves the silent epidemic “Taboo” topic of child sexual abuse. It is life changing for children. It entertains, engages but yet empowers them with a message that could potentially save their lives.

  1. How do you feel when you write, do you have a special ritual?

I feel relieved when I write and challenged to be as creative as possible.

  1. What inspired you to write your first book?

My first book was The Diary of an Overcomer an Inspirational story of True Love, Hope, Triumph and Victory. I was inspired to write that because I wanted people to know they can come from unfortunate circumstances, but still, thrive and become productive members of society.

  1. How did you come up with the title?

I looked at what my life entailed and formulated a title based on the words that described me and my story.

  1. If you could be any famous book character, who would you be and why?

Pete the Cat because he’s a cool cat that is super hilarious.

  1. Is there a message in your book that you hope the readers will grasp?

Absolutely! I want children to know the difference between a good and bad secret, an appropriate and inappropriate touch and to know they have trusted adults that can and will help them if they have been touched inappropriately or was to be touched inappropriately. Hopefully, that never happens, but I wish we did live in a perfect world where stuff like that did not happen

  1. What are your top 3 books of all time?

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Becoming a Leader, Bible

  1. How important is marketing and social media for you?

Very important, it’s easy to release a book, business or idea but it is a lot harder to market it effectively and get the exposure that your vision needs.

  1. Is it important for you to get book reviews? Do you read them?

Yes, because it demonstrates verbally the effectiveness or ineffectiveness for that matter. You get to hear people’s brutal opinions and criticism which should help you grow.

  1. What advice do you have for other writers?

Continue to write, perfect your craft daily and be the best writer that you can become.

  1. Can you give your book information: blurb, link, genre (for children’s book, please tell for what age)


No More Bad Secrets, A kid-to-kid guide on Safe Body Touch

Hook: “Personal Body Safety is as important as ABC’s and 123’s”

Blurb: ‘No More Bad Secrets: A Kid-to-Kid Guide on Safe Body Touch’ gives children a voice and leaves them empowered. Told from another child’s point of view, kids learn what’s not acceptable in terms of personal body safety. Kids also learn what to do if another person makes them feel uncomfortable or does something that’s not acceptable.

Available at Barnes & Nobles, Lulu:


ISBN: 978-1-64440-925-1

Age:4 and up



Social Media links:




Linkedin daisycopelin


  1. QUICK POP-QUIZ. (You can choose one or both, and please feel free to add a very brief comment)

Snow or sun: Sun because it just makes your day a lot brighter

Soccer or (ice) hockey: Soccer because I like playing basketball and soccer is a lot easier than Ice hockey.

Dogs or cats: They both frighten me

Ice-cream or Fruit: Of course, ice cream, although I do eat fruit at times

Fact or fiction: As long as it is a good book I do not mind

Music or silence: Music even though silence can be invigorating at times

Sport or reading: love sports, love reading so I am undecided on this one

Sea or mountains: Sea, watching the waves whether big or little can be peaceful at times

Groundhogs or squirrels: Groundhogs because in elementary school I loved groundhog day

Books or movies: Books, movies put me to sleep 9 out of 10 times I never finish the movie

E-book or print: Print love taking notes and doodling on actual pages

  1. Is there anything more you want to tell your readers?

My message goes out to the children that hear the book that they would know that they don’t have to keep a bad secret. To the Parents and Educators that they would work together in support of one another to educate their children on Personal Body Safety and use my engaging age-appropriate book as a tool to begin the “taboo” discussion, that affects 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys.


Thank you so much Daisy Copelin!

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Cosmetic surgery are medical surgeries that are done to improve the appearance of a part of the body. Cosmetic surgeries are the procedure of choice for people who want to change or enhance any part of their body.

Cosmetic surgery increases self-confidence of a person as it greatly improves the esthetic appearance and gives natural results. This helps people to open up in social situations as they are satisfied with their appearance and their social anxiety is reduced due to the feeling of self-confidence their new look inspires.



Facial contouring or facial sculpting is a cosmetic surgical procedure that improves the general appearance of the face. Facial contouring surgery trend is gaining popularity in some countries and its goals is to improve the facial features and proportion of the face. This surgery makes the face generally smaller.

Facial contouring procedure includes rhinoplasty, cheek and chin enhancement. Rhinoplasty is also known as nose job and is done to change the shape of the nose or to improve its functions.

Nose job is done around the world and is a common cosmetic procedure. Nose job in Thailand is done by professional surgeons and on very minimal charges and the results are quite satisfying.


Facial rejuvenation is a combination of cosmetic surgery done to restore a youthful appearance. The procedures include facelift, eye lift, brow lift, chin lift, neck lift.

Facelift procedure is done to improve the visible signs of aging on the face and gives a younger look. Face lift in Thailand is done successfully and the cost is lower than many other countries. Eyelift is done to remove bagginess from lower eyelids, browlift raise the brows and improves the appearance of forehead, chin lift and neck lift improve the wrinkled and sagging skin near the chin and neck.


Body contouring is a surgical procedure that improves the shape of the body and remove excess fat and sagging skin and procedures includes liposuction and tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is done to make the abdomen firm and thin and removes the excess fat and skin from the abdomen. Liposuction removes fat from the body that is difficult to lose through diet or exercise and changes the body shape. Liposuction in Thailand is done by trained cosmetic surgeons and will cost you around $1500-2000 which is a very low price than many other countries.