SEO packages in Australia

Who are you?

I am a Master’s degree holder in Business Information Technology, from RMIT, Melbourne, Victoria, and I worked as an intern at Sharp Circles. Sharp Circles is an Australian SEO company, providing customer focused SEO packages in the form of no lock-in subscription plans suitable for small-medium sized businesses in Australia and worldwide.

What you’ve learned?

I attended the professional presentation of SEO which covered fundamental steps of SEO from the beginning, as well as comparing the two search engines – Google and Bing. It helped me to gain different knowledge of the current trends regarding SEO in the Australian market. This helped me to learn from what the speaker says because I will be able to gather all the information and it is another way for me to learn both about the current market and any questions arises from the audiences. Therefore, I think this event help me to learn more in-depth of the actual overview of the company itself and what other businesses think toward the SEO packages in Australia.

What did you do?

The company allows me to go to the event which a company host this event. I did organise food and beverages for the break as well as give out feedback survey to audiences attending this event.

What were your responsibilities?

I am responsible for the Facebook live stream on the company’s page (Sharp Circle FanPage). Also, I bring my camera to record what the speaker said. The camera gives better vision when compared to the phone. Unfortunately, we’re only able to record the second half of this presentation because there is a problem at the first half on the camera of the first half of the presentation.

Also, when I have to analyses all the speech a presenter talked about during the presentation and type it out as we called transcripts. Because we record the presentation which makes it easy for us the maintain every moment.

What can be improved?

Improvement need for future presentation could be more interaction with the audiences such as ask them questions rather than wait for the audience to ask. Some audiences are sitting on the sofa which this shows that there were not enough table and chairs for the audiences, I think we could improve this in future events.

Also, encourage the audiences to survey because some of them did not complete the survey while most of them did not provide information needed such as their website or their thoughts about the presentation.

Furthermore, we could organize the microphone for the speaker as the room is quite big; sometimes it might be hard for audiences sitting at the back roll to hear. Even encourage all audiences to move in front so the room can be filled up when a person at the back take photo from the back it would look there are more people interests in this event.

Rob Twizz, the Rapper from Yonkers

The famous American Rapper, Rob Twizz is from Yonkers, New York. The videos and comedy ciphers of Rob Twizz which were published on WorldStar Hiphop could generate more than 10 million YouTube views. Rob Twizz started his career in rapping and he became very popular on social media venues like Myspace. Rob Twizz appeared on national television through his highly popular shows on MTV like Rapfix and My Super Sweet 16. His ‘Another White Rapper’ and ‘The Price Is White’ found great success. Rob Twizz created comedy ciphers on his YouTube channel These comedy ciphers attained greatness because he incorporated hip hop with well-known movie characters. Twizz also worked with former artist Eminem and received hundreds of thousands of views for his famous Machine Gun Clips. As a result of his association with WorldStar HipHop, Rob’s trilogy of Halloween Ciphers could fetch more than 10 million YouTube views. On his own channel TeamTwizz 101 also he made thousands of new hits. “My Guy” of Twizz featured Uncle Murda and was played on HOT 97, the largest hip hop station the world over.

Rob Twizz @robtwizz in Instagram : “Happy Halloween linked up with @worldstar

On instagram/robtwizz we can view the best hits of Rob Twizz including Me and Gordo back to back its getting scary, Top 5 Dead or Alive and The Greatest Story never told. Happy Halloween is linked with @worldstar on Halloween Cypher 3.0. Recently Rob Twizz has been working on many mixtapes on Datpiff. Ten such music videos were played on Worldstar Hip-Hop either under “Yonkers Unsigned” or under “Albanian/Croatian rapper.” The recent creation of Rob Twizz “Claustrophobic” is really amazing. Rob Twizz succeeded in ensuring that his name is heard and he proved that he belongs to hip-hop.

The content provided by Rob Twizz on WorldStarHipHop is indeed his best known content. The intricate beats of “Claustrophobic” convey the message that RTwizz is as talented as the other top artists from Yonkers like Jadakiss, DMX and Mary J. Blige. Jadakiss once said in an interview that if one can make it in Yonkers he can make it anywhere. This is true in the case of Rob Twizz also. The beats by Rob Twizz are great and his features are indeed very strong. Claustrophobic is identified as a strong show by Rob Twizz with his banner of a ‘Yonkers Rapper.’ Musically Claustrophobic has very great appeal. Those who listen to the tape will be convinced that Rob Twizz has not wasted his time and has not wasted his lines.