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Anyone who has been part of a successful validation effort for a regulated computer system (IT system) should consider themselves lucky souls. Throughout my own personal development, this was likely the most impactful experience that shaped my career development.  There is a lot of activity happening behind the scenes that many may not be aware of unless you too are one of the lucky ones.

Having been on teams validating and deploying IT systems in both regulated and non-regulated industries, I can say with conviction that validating an IT system in a regulated industry can require double or sometimes triple the time and resources.  Before any skeptics take over, allow me to elaborate.

Why Validation of a Regulated Computer System is Important

Many of us have used over the counter (OTC) medicines (e.g. Ibuprofen) or know someone who has.  Likewise, many of us know someone that relies on the accuracy of a medical devicesuch as an insulin monitor or a blood pressure reader.  How does this relate to what I’m sharing about validating IT systems?

To begin with, companies delivering consumable lifesaving products must demonstrate they follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) including any regulations applicable to the given product.  They must demonstrate their product is safe and efficacious with efficiency and agility to remain competitive and be first to market.

In our modern world, many companies have digitized their processes and utilize IT systems to implement, track and/or monitor the required GMPs.  These systems are a major contributing factor to the company’s confidence level for claims of the safe and efficacious product.  Therefore, validation of IT systems is definitely a big deal.

Especially when these regulated computer systems are used to drive decisions and processes that ensure GMPs and any applicable regulations are effectively implemented.

Why the fuss about the behind the scenes activity? 

From experience, I can assure you they are all important.  Anyone who can consider themselves lucky will tell you that a good methodology and process will return substantial gains of time and quality.  I consider myself lucky because I learned a lot.  I was fortunate to have knowledgeable leaders that took the time to explain the value behind validation.

Great mentors that helped me to appreciate why we were taking the time to draft a good requirement that was not only testable but traceable to what the user needed the system to do.  Like many in the growth phase, I didn’t realize my state of luck at the time.

It wasn’t until I had an opportunity to experience how the impact of budget cuts meant streamlining what validation critics referred to as “overhead.”  We were left with a validation project without the benefits of any planning.  Even the trace matrix was tossed out the window.

I remember these projects all too well because I would lie awake reflecting on what caused the delayed implementation or the countless rework of design.  It always came back to a lack of traceability and planning.


Prepare for the Unexpected (or the Expected)

The reality is that many people have been in or will find themselves in the same budgetary situation.  Budget season is always prime time to make cuts or pull timelines up.  Teams have opportunity to pull in outside experts, but there’s almost always a system learning curve that negates the benefits of onboarding them.

Many software vendors offer validation services.  If your validation standards are like mine, you’ll want to know if they have earned their lucky badge or if they consider themselves lucky at all.  If they look at you as if you were a three-headed monster, that might be a good indication that you should keep looking.

Like shoes, be sure to try on a few.  Walk in them a bit and ensure your validation expertshave done so themselves.  Considering your regulated computer systems to be a critical puzzle piece to the ensuring quality product development; don’t take it lightly.  It’s a big deal.

In Summary

Validation of a regulated computer system is a critical component of a company’s overall Quality Management System and product lifecycle.  It’s an expectation of all global regulator. to drive higher levels of quality and control.  Be selective.

At AssurX, we pride ourselves in ensuring our team has walked in your shoes. Our Validation Management Experts have been around the block and have earned their lucky badges.  If you’re looking for assistance for your computer system validationcontact us today to learn more about the experience that makes us lucky ones.

All you need to know about Satta Matka

Satta Matka is a game played in India on a massive level. It is a type of gambling or in other words, you can say it a king of the gambling. Gambling is illegal in India too but it is played on a massive level. There are various kinds of games played in this but most popular games are Worli Satta Matka and the Kalyan Satta Matka.

History of Satta Matka:

The Hindi word Satta means the “betting”. This game was started to play in Mumbai, the biggest city of India before the partition. It is a form of the lottery that was traditionally used to depend on the bets on the closing and opening of the cotton rates from the cotton exchange of New York.  And the details were transmitted from there via teleprinters to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. The players have to guess the rate in advance. It was also known as the “Ankada Jugar” that means the “figures gambling”.

Famous Satta Matka games:

There are various Satta Matka games played in the subcontinent especially in India. These games are Rajdhani Day, Kamal Day, Supreme Night, Milan Night, Time Bazar, Sagar Night, Kuber Morning, Kalyan Night, Bombay Bazar, Bhagyalaxmi, Super Kalyan, Worli Day, and the list goes on.

Satta Matka tips today:

There are various websites available on the internet that gives you the Satta Matka tips so that you can play it. These websites have the material that tells you the tricks to play all kind of Satta Matka games and they acclaimed that they are providing you the best Satta Matka tips. These official websites also provide assistance and help you in case of any difficulty. You can ask the questions from them or you can call them to take their guideline. All the Matka games have different strategies and methods to play the games and through these websites, you can easily understand it and can get the whole information about a specific Satta Matka game.

Results of the Satta Matka:

The results of the Satta Matka can be seen on many websites as they showed it live. You can also find the results from various apps. Its results are also presented live on the official site of the .


The basic idea behind writing this article is to give you information and knowledge about the Satta Matka. We will not encourage you to be a part of such an activity that leads to gambling, betting or such illegal activity.

Matka tips today

Let’s try out a gamble on your luck. This site helps you to play well the lottery. Basically the game Satta matka had originated before the independence of India. Originally the game of Indian game gambling involved betting in the opening and closing rate.  Satta matka is a kind of gambling on a large scale, although any kind of gambling in India is illegal but in spite of this speculation is played extensively in India. This game is played by keeping away from the eye of law.

This is how you play This Game

When you start playing matka keep these steps in your mind before playing. These steps will definitely help you to play well.

Step 1: pick 3 numbers from 0 to 9. Let you say you can choose 5, 3 and 6 randomly. Step 2: let’s chosen numbers added for example 5+3+6=14 in this case the last number that you would have to keep is 4. Step 3: So, in the above example the first draw would be 5, 3, and 6 multiplied by 4. There are also a second number of set of numbers that are drawn, this process is similar to the above steps all steps are resemble to the card.

Satta Matka is a Game of Luck

Indian game of luck is based on random number selection and bidding, however to win you need the lucky number. The game of Satta matka tips requires that you choose the right number for winning the game. It will also be highly rewarding as the winner takes all in this game and that could be huge financial gain for you. Lucky number in this game does not depend on luck of the player. Intelligent guess work and calculations are as important as the luck of the gamer. Of course for winning the game you will need some amount of luck but it is not luck but it is not luck alone but taking an informed decision with all data deciding that available that can work well for the player to win.

The more you play well, the more you will achieve lottery game play worldwide via online. Many people play sharply and actively so they achieve huge amount of money. Try your luck now, calculate your number smartly so you can get huge amount of money. So, don’t miss the chance. Play now with our website.

Kalyan satta Result

Get your 100% Kalyan result, Tips and Tricks as well so, play smartly and get fastest result. We welcome to our website which is the only place on the internet where you can find genuine tips and tricks. We provide fare result on our website online you can fix your number. It also provides right game right result within a few min. Indian number 1 perfect guessing website offers you to play generously, and get perfect result through our website.

It is the site for kalyan Satta matka, we provide 100% fix Jodi and Patti from matka office which include all games. Take our membership and win huge amount with the help of our experts.

In chart zone include time chart, main Mumbai chart, Milan day chart, Milan night chart, Rajdhani day chart, Rajdhani night chart.

Fix your game, guess perfectly through our expert tips and tricks.

Weekly Chart

In weekly chart include kalyan weekly Jodi, open and close and Jodi and panna.

Panel Chart

Main Mumbai panel chart, Milan day panel chart, Rajdhani day panel chart, Rajdhani night panel chart.

Online Result

In India the session of game is entirely well known between medium class gamblers circle. In spite of the fact that after the assault by the implementation offices the gaming zone was moved from the focal point of Mumbai. Yet, it is still very prominent with the gamers. Presently with web gaming and wagering offices accessible it has been recovering the energy it lost for the present

Loss Issue we Face While Playing

Our consultant will assist you the kalyan matka tips and result. The best thing in our website we can recover your loss within 15 days which happen playing these game earlier. Here you can get the previous results to compare and follow.

We support every one of our users with the help and care they need so if you want the same facilities bookmark our website for regular use.  We are giving you an opportunity to become the king of this game this is the official site for real players. You must not lose your spirits as winning is more easy than losing in the game. Your focus and your attention will helps you to win this game. Every day is not your day so, win or lose it is a part of game so keep playing and keep trying you luck.

Necessary information about Dpboss Matka

Play more, win more world best website for all. 100% result, tips and tricks. The site present the best kalyan matka games for all, it offers you to play and provide you a perfect platform to play. Also the site gives you a fastest result, perfect guessing tips and tricks. We provide free open and close result for free which include weekly Jodi and paana with all special zone. Our Kalyan chart are right from the date origination.

How to Play Technically?

Are you ready to play and earn unlimited after winning Dpboss matka? Then you are at the right place. In this game there are multiple lottery houses owned by individual entries that release result at specific timings. Some of the famous lottery houses that are involved in this game.  Some of the bazars like Tara Mumbai, Milan and Rajdhani bazar declare result during the day and during the night. Each market and lottery house releases the result in an open and close format. The open and close timing of a specific Satta matka bazar are different from each other.

How to Play Online?

This game play an emerging online business industry. We are the most trusted online website that gives you tips and tricks to play sharply. To play online must follow these steps which are given below to guide you.

  • At first you have to deposit money to your account balance.
  • It has a minimum deposit of RS: 500 and below 500 rupee will not be accepted.
  • The points will be added your account to your particular ID, if it is 1 rupee then 1 point will be added to your account.
  • The minimum amount is to be RS: 10
  • The game you played and lucky you get increased the points accordingly.
  • If you wish money in your account, call the author to transfer your money as soon as possible.

Actually this game is based on how good you are at guessing the number. In this number system you can guess variety games. You can also apply and try an unbeatable trick which was secret until now. Well these type of games are also based on your luck sometime your luck is with you and sometimes your luck not with you. But your hard work might be change your luck just guess the number perfectly.

Genuine satta matka tips

We provide best 100% genuine matka tips, by expert matka guesser and here you get free matka tips. Here is the best site for lottery game, we provide hundred percent fix Jodi Patti from matka office which include all there games for providing fast and accurate result kalyan, Mumbai, Milan Matka result. Online lucky number.

More about Online Gambling

In India the session of game is entirely well known between medium class gamblers circle. In spite of the fact that after the assault by the low implementation offices the gaming zone was moved from the focal point of Mumbai. Yet, it is still very prominent with the gamers. Presently with web gaming and wagering offices accessible it has been recovering the energy it lost for the present.

How to Win Big in this game

Play with fewer amount: The first golden rule of Indian game says that a player should always start playing or betting with lesser amount of money. If you bet more amount of money, you play Indian matka on a high risk level. Expert claims that it is very beneficial to play with the minimum or max to max 50% of one’s hard earned money. At least you can win the other side of the game you play.

Always set your Profit Target: The second golden rule clearly state that you cannot decide one day in the middle of the night that you will play Indian satta you must have to clearly understand the logic behind the game.

So, set your target in a way that you do not lose more money. Try regressive profit which will make you win.

Calculation is important: Follow one way winning strategy always begin with the less amount of money then come towards the huge amount. A player can make his own strategy to play this game where his logic, his calculated moves will make him win.

In the end remember, you need to be very practical and functional where you are playing Satta matka . You may win some day or lose on other every day is not your day so keep playing. You must not lose your spirits as winning is more easy than losing in the game. Your focus and your attention will helps you to win this game. Every day is not your day so, win or lose it is a part of game so keep playing.

Perfect Matka guessing procedure

Here you will get perfect guessing by top guesser and fast result. Satta matka is originally the game of lottery that had its origin within the exchange on the gap. Therefore the closing rate of cotton that where transmitted from the cotton exchange. Actually Satta matka is a Hindi word for gambling. People tried their luck in gambling and game of rate. Actually it is a lottery game so win more as you want.

Earn money by playing the most exciting game of numbers provides the quick result and paper chart. But each and every player who can predict tricky calculations can be a winner of this game

How to guess the Numbers?

Many types of this game. First you have to check if any number is missing in the first few day chart for example 56> 17> 85> 91, and 23? So, we see here we have all numbers 0 to 9 but only 0 to 4 are missing so next draw must be 0-4*1-2-3-9 which is 01 41 02 42 03 43 09 49

It is now 60% chances that you have one of these as a next draw.

First set of number

You can choose three numbers from zero-nine for example, if you selected 5, 3, 6 they had be your first choice randomly to feature a lot of substance to the sport the varieties are given added up(5+3+6) and the final number is given that is the total of the numbers is 14.

Second set of number

A second set of numbers may also be drawn by a player. As a random example let’s assume the numbers 8, 2 and 8 this given us 18 from that player can once more use only last digit so final set of number is 8,2,8 *8.

Final card

The final card look like (5, 3, 6*4)*(8, 2, 8*8). Guess the final card numbers and calculate each and every number. Your calculation and your focus will helps you to win.

These trick helps you to score more and win more just focus on the calculation of course Satta, Matka guessing game is based on tricks and calculation. Our website giving you an opportunity to become a game king. You can learn these guessing tips to win more score. Our website definitely helps you. So, you can easily communicate experts through our website.


It’s human nature to seek shelter where ever they are. Even if they are on a vacation trip, the first thing that we people look for is accommodation or the shelter. We all have a house where we can seek shelter. A home does not only protect us from the harsh weather conditions but also safeguards our property and life. This is the reason why, people want to have a home of their own where they can feel secure.

But, it’s human nature to get bored of everything that they are used to. Similarly, people get tired by living in the same house for decades. The urge to relocate is in every heart but some people suppress this wish as sometimes, they cannot leave a peaceful neighborhood or do not have the budget to relocate. In both the cases, we get stuck by living in the same old house and the same old neighborhood.

If you have the budget and the urge to relocate, you should do it right away and think about the better places where you can relocate. While relocating, neighborhood, people and the security measures of the neighborhood matters a lot. It is important to enquire about the crime rate of the neighborhood and about the people living in the neighborhood. Moreover, you should also inspect if the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful and far from the commercial area. Neighborhoods close to the commercial areas are very noisy and loud. Neighborhood contributes to the peace of the house. Obviously, if the neighborhood is loud, you cannot sleep peacefully at your own home.

If you are thinking to relocate within US, there is no better option than to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee, US. Nashville is currently famous for having the best neighborhoods. If want a peaceful neighborhood, with minimal crime rate, less population and further away from the commercial area, then relocating to Nashville is the best thing that you could do for yourself. There is a reason why Nashville neighborhoods are the best among the US. Moreover, Nashville is also famous for its real estate other than the live country music. To be factual, Nashville is one of the most hottest and the trendiest real estate markets in the whole US.

We will discuss about the real estate market of Nashville in a while, but now let’s focus to the Nashville neighborhood. Let’s discuss the most famous and the best neighborhoods if you are considering to relocate to Nashville.



If you are looking for interesting, exciting and vibrant neighborhoods, then Downtown Nashville is where you should head to. At the heart of the Nashville city, each Downtown Nashville neighborhood has a unique personality and a lot to offer to you. Your home would be at a walking distance to the Nissan stadium, Broadway Avenue and the Bridgestone Arena. However, the neighborhoods are pretty populous and close to the commercial areas. That is why, you have to pay a pretty penny if you are relocating to one of the Downtown Nashville neighborhoods.


The Gulch is currently the most trending Nashville neighborhood. The Gulch is located just a few block from the Downtown Nashville. The Gulch is very near to the best restaurants, pubs and bars of the Nashville and has an easily accessibility to the interstate. But, if you are considering to relocate to the Gulch, hurry up as the prices are going high due to demand and the popularity of the neighborhood.


If you are thinking to relocate to Nashville but do not want to buy a house at the very moment, Music row is the best Nashville neighborhood for rentals. These rental properties are mostly occupied by graduate students and office workers who do not wish to have a home of their own at that moment. It is quite difficult to find a house in Music Row, that’s for sale. This neighborhood is famous for its music studios.


East Nashville has been developed and a lot of famous neighborhoods, such as Greenwood, Maxwell, McFerrin Park and Lockeland Springs are in the East Nashville. East Nashville has currently the biggest job market among the other areas of the Nashville due to a rapid business growth in the area. But, only consider this neighborhood if you want to wake up to the sound of the music as it is a haven for music, culture and arts. A lot of musicians and artists have flock to the East Nashville.


If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful neighborhood, then Brentwood is your answer. The popularity of this neighborhood is growing among the people. It is a home to many professionals and the people with no families. It is located not more than 20 minutes away from the Downtown Nashville. It is very near to the Radnor Lake Park. Weekends are spent here by swimming, biking and hiking.


Nashville is one of the trendiest and the rapidly growing real estate markets in the US. The Nashville real estate market began to grow about 10 years ago. The real estate investors predict that the Nashville real estate market will continue to grow as long as prices would go high and the people would relocate to


The rich Nashville real estate market is making it one of the most desirable and the most trendiest real estate market for the real estate investors. In 2018, the Nashville real estate market was remarkably good for the investors due to the rising real estate prices but in 2019, it has become the best real estate market.

Nashville properties actually have a long-term record of the investments by the real estate investors. According to the data, an investor profits in an year by investing in a Nashville property. 1.31% is the estimated appreciation rate of the Nashville real estate market. In 2019, it is predicted that the Nashville real estate market will prosper and this would be in favor for the buyers or for the people relocating to Nashville.

So, the good news is, if you are considering to relocate to Nashville, TN, USA, the real estate market is in your favor as the appreciation rate is starting to decrease, which is in the favor of the buyers or for the people relocating to Nashville, TN, US.



We are a team of professional buyer agents. No matter if you are buying your house for the first time or relocating, we handle all the real estate matters with professionalism. Other than that, we are a team of sellers agent as well. We have unique propositions to sell your real estate property in the current market price. We have a minimal credit consultation fee. Other than that, our ‘Rent To Own‘ program helps you to try out the house or helps you to live in the house so that you can buy it with utmost assurance. There’s no cost to it and you can even apply for the program with credit score as low as 550.


This program allows you to try out a home before you can buy it. It means that, you can take the home on the rent and live in it so that you can make up your mind on either buying it or either looking for another home. However, you must have a credit score of 550 and must not be involved in bankruptcy since the last 3 years.

Other than that, this program entails that you can move into the house, free of cost and live in it for 7-10 days before you and the seller can agrees to the house’s selling price. This program allows you to get rid of immediate financing. You can buy the house at the very moment and finance later on. The Unique by Design Reality works on your finance and credit.

The biggest perk of applying to this program is that you don’t have to rent a house while searching for the perfect house. You can live in the same house and buy it immediately to finance later. Moreover, in some cases, even the down payment is not required as we work on your credit to get your score just right for the house.


If you are considering to relocate to Nashville, TN, US, it might be difficult for you to find the right house immediately. But with the Unique by Design Reality’s ‘Rent To Own’ program, you can easily become homebuyer while living in it.