3 Fun Ways to Give Your Pet a Treat

There’s nothing quite like the special bond you share with your pet. Giving treats is an excellent way to show him or her how much you care. Not only that, but treating your pet helps with positive reinforcement when you are working with him or her on training skills, such as leash manners, obedience, and potty training.

By giving your pet frequent treats, you are helping to solidify your bond and reassure him or her that they are doing a great job at being your companion! Here are a few fun, innovative ways to treat your pet, so that he or she always has a fun surprise to look forward to when you’re spending time together or while you’re away.

Hide and Seek

Dogs are inquisitive, curious animals by nature, and they love to use their instincts, particularly their keen sense of smell, to hunt for food…in this case, a delicious, well-hidden treat! Many pet stores and online retailers sell “hide-a-treat” toys, which are perfect for keeping dogs interested and entertained, sometimes for hours! These little puzzles with a sweet reward at the end are perfect for keeping your four-legged pal enngaged while you are away from home.


This fun treating method is perfect for a hot summer day, or anytime you can’t be with your furry friend for several hours. Freezing treats and then giving them to your pet not only keeps him or her busy and happy for an extended period of time, but can also help them to savor their tasty prize, rather than just wolfing it down. Try freezing peanut butter in a hollow dog toy, like a Kong, before giving it to your dog. You’ll be amazed at how long it keeps him or her occupied!

Now You See It…

Though dogs have a demonstrated ability for object permanence, it isn’t as developed in them as it is in humans. That means that simply by covering an object, like a treat, with a blanket or washcloth, you’re performing a dazzling trick that your dog can’t quite figure out right away! Try taking a small treat, like one of the tasty hemp biscuits for dogs, and putting it in front of your dog, and then quickly covering it up, It’s entertaining to see your dog try to figure out where it went, and fun for them when they make it re-appear. You will become your pet’s favorite magician in no time!

The most important thing to remember about giving your pet a treat is that it’s all about love. Your dog loves special goodies, no doubt about it, but his or her real joy comes from seeing and spending time with their favorite person in the world- YOU! Make sure to take time every day to show your pet how much you love them with a fun, interesting treat. So if you are looking for hemp dog treats then you are at right place.

Why Online Free Classified Websites Are Useful For Buying and Selling Products In 2020

Are you in possession of the products that you are looking to sell or are you looking to purchase something instead? Well, whatever your purpose, you might be looking for a platform where you can get the best deals on buying and selling. In short, you are looking for the best-classified site.

The internet connectivity has created a new universe of possibilities in classifieds. It does not matter whether it is about buying or selling the products. With just a click away, you will be introduced to hundreds of choices.

These classified platforms have now reached the user’s pockets, thanks to the invention of mobile apps. Due to this mass buying and selling, posting on a free classified site has its own importance.

These classified websites have been a blessing by God for the ones who are looking to sell their products. These websites have made the world a global market without any boundaries. Thousands of visitors are reading your ads and making their mind whether they want to purchase the product or not.

On the other hand, thousands of buyers are getting the products they are looking for at the best price possible. With these websites, you are also getting a chance to promote your brand and products worldwide. Are you still having more doubts?

In that case, you must know the benefits that these websites have to offer for buying and selling.

Here is why this websites is useful for buying and selling products in 2020.

Offers a Huge platform:

There are no limitations as your deals are boundless. When you are selling your item on the website, you are opening up a gigantic worldwide platform to market your product. There are many top classified sites that are free and enable you to sell your items directly.

Classified ads in newspapers only target the local potential buyers and will only provide you with a specific number of deals. Nowadays, there is almost everyone on the internet. Which means there could be a large proportion of the audience, who might be looking for what you are offering.


This is an opportunity that you must not lose and why you need to post your product on a classified website. These websites are very helpful in increasing your market in a shorter period of time and providing you with a platform huge enough.

No payment for using services:

If you are a businessman, you are looking at every way to cut the cost and increase the profit. Well, how about cutting the cost to the minimum and increasing your market as well as the same time? Are you still not getting the goosebumps?

Well, this is what the free worldwide online classified site has to offer. These are some of the key reasons why anyone should be inclined towards using online classified websites as they are free to use.

You do not have to pay a single penny in order to get the mesmerizing services. There are numerous free websites such as Adazpoint.com, where you can post your ad in less time, with an image and an interesting title. The classified ads website will also add more moderation to your ad.

If you are unable to define a price, their website will help you find the correct price for the product. They are going to help you market your product so that you can get a higher number of replies from potential buyers.

Not Just For Buying and selling:

There are various reasons why someone must be interested in a classified website. It is among the web portal that can be used to promote products as well as services. There are plenty of things that you can achieve with the classified websites.

Are you searching for a job online? Then you can visit numerous websites that can help you with job matching with your profile. There are many dating classified sites online, where you can hunt for the type of partner you are looking for.

Looking for your perfect bride or groom, best colleges, schools, universities, freelancing jobs, or your favorite hobby classes, you can get that all on just one single website such as adazpoint.com.

If you are looking to buy pawn products, second-hand products in good condition, used cars or furniture and more can be sold on these websites.

These websites are not just increasing your sales, but are also providing you with more visibility online. Any person can take advantage of online classified websites.

Increased visibility:


When you are posting an ad online, you are increasing every chance for multiple opportunities. Various search engines can list your product and offerings in the search results. There is no doubt that if you are looking for a successful turnover, search engine visibility might just be the best thing for you.

Various free classified sites are partners with the top search engines and whenever you are posting your ads on these websites, the results can be seen by many potential buyers on these top search engines.

This is what leads to the higher visibility of your products and services.

Drives traffic to your website:

When you are posting your ads in a newspaper, you are mentioning your address and a phone number so that the potential buyers can contact you. In the case of free classified sites, the users are adding the web address to their characterized advertisements.

This can urge the visitors to directly get in contact with you if they are interested in what you are offering. In this way, with just a single advertisement on a classified website, it can expand the traffic to your website as well.


Thus these are the benefits that an online free classified site can provide for buying and selling products and services.  Adazpoint is one of the best Personal classified site that offering their exclusive services worldwide.

High-Quality Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

PCB is a most pivotal part of any electronic device. Our quality of printed electronic circuit board PCB determines the great quality of all electronic devices. Our modern technology makes possible miniaturization of circuits, which include higher packing density and smaller layout dimensions. Our services offering and support much of our manufacturing activity. We specialize in making high quality Printed circuit electronic board PCB prototype which is made in China. From All over the world PCB manufacturing and quality is trusted because all our products and services are linked with PCB China. Our aim is to provide great services to our customers.

How many types of products we provide?

We made a lot of electronic devices but yet we are moving towards new devices such as 6 layers of PCB, quick metal core, aluminum base metal core, LED light bar, Aluminum clad board, Aluminum custom LED board. As a china professional manufacturer, we provide our customers with the best PCB prices. If you are looking for the best quality devices which is less expensive then you can trust in our company. We are able to meet the best quality printed circuit board within twenty-four hours.

LED Aluminum Board

If you are searching for the high-quality LED aluminum board then don’t forget to read out the specification of this LED aluminum board. Our company offers all type of LED lights which is available in a ceramic base, aluminum base, and copper base. Some LED aluminum boards were created lighting electronic products. The LED aluminum typically includes a thin layer of dielectric material that can easily transfer the heat with much efficiency. LED circuit board is a flexible board by surface that usually comes with a sticky backing. All our electric devices is tested thousands of time before dispatch.

We offer a good quality board according to our customer requirement. Our goal is to provide guaranteed services that’s why our electronic products are very trusted for our customers. Metal core printed circuit boards are frequently used on LED especially aluminum core. PCB established in 2011 which is located in China. Our monthly output is forty thousand square meters. If you want a good quality electronic board or products then don’t forget to visit our website because we have many years of experience and we made high-quality products to satisfy our customers. For more details and information you can visit our website our expert will guide you and help you if you need to ask any sort of question.

The Best bez çanta

Cloth bags are better than plastic bags and indeed plastic bags are not good for the environment. Cloth bags have reusable nature and it helps to reduce the amount of single-use plastic being used and inadvertently discarded into the environment. There are many aspects of our lives where can consciously cut plastic use. The easiest and impactful way to invest in a bez çanta . Cotton bags have become a popular alternative to plastic and paper shopping bags. Jute bags are made from renewable fibers. The process used to create plastic bags is very harmful to the atmosphere on the other hand cotton bags are woven from thread made from plants although most consumers choose to reuse the bags.

How many types of bez çanta ?

If you are looking for perfect cloth bag or you want to get rid of plastic bags so, we are here to help you because we deliver different types of same quality bags according to your requirement, we have complete range of bags such as natural canvas bags, cotton shopping bags, and cotton tote and stylish designer bags.

Is bez çanta are good for the environment?

There are many types of bez çanta of bags because it is light in weight and easy to carry heavy stuff. Unlike plastic bags that are frequently transparent and decorated with a store logo, cloth bags are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that can match your personal style. Cloth bags are not can be used only for shopping, they make an attractive tote for carrying a variety of everyday items. Designer cloth bags can be purchased from retailers, or crafty consumers can sew their own personalized bags. Reusable cloth bags can also offer the opportunity to make a design and style statement about green living through advertisement of green retailers or organizations.

Our company offers an array of varieties of cloth bags, differing in prices and quality such as small and large cotton bags anyone. Our company main objective is provide best quality bags to our customer so whenever you use our bags it can easily carry large amount of stuff. The load of heavy object put into them. Plastic bags would most probably rupture if load beyond a certain limit is put into them, so that is another good benefit of cloth bags. If you really want to order or customize you own bag with beautiful print then visit our website and order now according to your requirement.

Church Volunteer Scheduling: Nightmares Avoided

Have you had that dream in the middle of the night that you completely missed a class, test, game, work assignment or something really important?  That’s what Saturday nights are for church staff responsible for staffing dozens and sometimes hundreds of volunteers every Sunday.  It can be a nightmare.

First of all, you have to recruit all these volunteers.  How do you do that?  Obviously, you do announcements but seldom does that come anywhere near doing the trick especially for children’s ministry in a young, growing church.  Then once you get their names, do you email, text or call them? If they want time to think about it, how do your remember when to call them? What about people who don’t call back?  Great news, friends, church software can help you with all of this. The system works like a combination of marketing software to manage email/text communication and sales software to coordinate personal calls and follow up assignments.

Once volunteers are recruited they are put into teams corresponding to their task assignments, frequency of service, time of service or a combination of these.  These teams are the hub from which the scheduling, reminder and weekly management of the team is managed.  The pioneers of volunteer scheduling software focused on building software just for this purpose.  But now there is Church Management Software like Churchteams that integrates these features with the full application.  This allows you to keep all your people data in one place rather than having to keep multiple databases synched. It also makes the transition from recruiting to scheduling a breeze.

The scheduling part of the software is flexible to use anyway you want.  If you want to schedule all the ushers for first and third Sundays for the next 4 months, no problem.  Just select the dates, then select the people and send an invitation for them to accept or decline the assignment.  If they know they are supposed to serve then don’t bother with the email asking for an RSVP, just build the schedule.  The advantage of the RSVP is that it gives the team leader notice to extend an invitation to substitutes.  These may include people serving on other, related teams.  You can assign roles or let people select the role they want to take on the team.

Once scheduled, you can customize the days you want reminders sent to those who have accepted the opportunity or been assigned to serve.  You might choose for instance to send a first reminder 6 days or more out from the service date.  This reminder has a link that allows the person to go back in and change their status if something came up.  This notifies the team leader well ahead of time of the need for a substitute. Then schedule the second reminder just a day or two before the actual service date.  The great thing about the reminders is that once you set them up, they just work.  You don’t have to do another thing.  So, if you schedule a team for 4 months out.  Every week the system pushes out the reminders for you as the team leader and all you have to do is respond to notifications sent to you if people change their status from accept to decline.

Need a report each week to see the list of people scheduled to serve?  No problem, just print the volunteer schedule for that Sunday.  It will show you all the people by team.  If you want to add in contact information just in case, you have the option to do that. In fact, print out this report the Friday before and keep it handy as an assurance that everything is set for Sunday.

The great thing about nightmares is that they are just dreams that you eventually wake up from.  Then once you are awake again you remember that you graduated from high school or college years ago; or your playing career ended long ago or that work assignment is completed.  For volunteer scheduling, church management software like Churchteams can be your assurance that everything is okay and ready for Sunday.  So, fall back to sleep and rest well.

Greening Deserts Cleantech Greentech and Greening Camps

Since 2017 Greening Deserts sustainable projects like the Greening Camps

want to establish innovative developments like Agrophotovoltaik and Energy

Storage Parks, Greening Drones and Seeding Balloons, Transparent Solar and Vertical Greenhouses. With the first Greening Camp and adequate fundings all the sustainable developments could finally be accelerated and developed worldwide. The projects were founded and initiated by the Greening Deserts founder Oliver Gediminas Caplikas. He informed institutions, organisations and even invited governments to join these projects and initiatives, as well as the Greenhouse Ship, Plastic Fishing and Trillion Trees Initiative. If for example each nation plants approx 2 billion trees, we the humanity could reach the goal to plant one trillion trees very fast and we could really cool down the planet on a large scale. It would also protect and save countless species which are endangered by extinction. There are many campaigns and initiatives in this relation and we all are connected to reach the global goals faster. We exchanged with a lot of institutions about it and many liked that idea.

The Greening Camp keyplants like bamboo, beans, hemp and sunflowers will improve the soils, underground water and waters. Drylands and wastelands can be turned into fertile lands easily. Hemp improves the soils in just a few years, after this other soil improving plants, environmental friendly crops and trees can be planted. Hemp will be just a side product of the forestation or greening processes, it can be delivered to hemp product producers like the hemp paper branch and hemp wood industry. The Greening Camps will produce millions of tons of hemp. All would win at the end, the poor people or regions, the degraded lands or soils, the forestry, paper and wood industry – even big wood paper consumers like the book, newspaper and packaging industry.

Since the last two years the founder informed hundreds of publishers, media companies and paper producers about these facts. Greening Deserts Camp projects and products like Hemp Papers have really big potential to reduce deforestation, land degradation, pollution and wasting resources worldwide.

Each camp will have a recycling center and workshop, especially for creative plastic waste recycling and upcycling. Biowaste Management, Greenhouse Management and Water Management will improve soils, air and water quality in all camp areas. Millions of new jobs and whole new markets will be created!

Other main goals in this relation are to bring back biodiversity, typical and rare plants of all concerned region. Seed banks or stores and special greenhouses, botanical gardens or similar habitats for the most endangered species will be established at each camp. Climate protection, conservation, environmental protection and species protection are also main tasks of the camps. Of course, we cannot do everything. We will exchange and share a lot with other similar institutions, organization and projects – like with national parks, game reserves or wildlife preserves.

The founder combined and researched since years much more innovative developments, technics, techniques and products. You can check them on the official project pages. The Greening Camps will establish green spots, healthy environments and platforms for all regions really need better soils, clean air and fresh water. The camps will be platforms for education, cleantech, culture, greentech and science. All camps will have a library, lounge and media room. Bigger camps will get an Energy Storage Park and even could be expanded to a kind of campus or Science Park. We exchanged with a lot of institutions about it and many liked the projects. With active, constructive and financial support by the official institutions the camps can be built very fast. We have not much time to reduce desertification, global warming, human-made climate change effects and extreme weather before the biosphere will collapse – responsible bodies and institutions need to act immediately. Many camps could be built in 2020, the case the projects will finally be supported by the African Union, EU and UN. Even refugee camps could have a greening camp area.

Short Summary:

Greening Deserts projects are cultural, educational, economic, social, scientific and sustainable projects in the field of horticulture, hydroculture, sustainable agriculture and ecological forestry – but also in the fields of clean technology (CleanTech), green technologies (GreenTech) and renewable energy such as solar, water and wind energy. Electricity access, availability and reliability together with energy efficiency will be optimized at the greening and research camps. The focus is on education, sustainable developments and scientific research. Conservation and environmental protection plays a very important role, too. Main goals of the projects are to reduce deforestation, desertification, pollution and global warming on a large scale. Goals are also to improve the energy and food security, to offer innovative management, ecosystem and greening services. The projects will reform the agriculture and forestry with ecofarming, ecoforestry and permaculture methods, technics and techniques. The projects can include each region and nation in the process, especially in relation to cleantech, greentech, environmental protection, a real sustainable infrastructure and sustainable investments – Green Finance and Sustainable Finance. To manage and to share better necessary finances a special Greening

Fund will be established together with international financial institutions.

It is a real chance for the world, especially for Africa and Europe to reach faster the Climate Goals and more Sustainable Development Goals together with Greening Deserts international and innovative developments. The future vision is to establish a Greening Campus on all continents and several camps for all regions who need ecological, environmental and sustainable development services.

Each constructive feedback and real active support is always welcome!

You can read more about all the developments on the official project pages:

http://www.greeningcamp.com  – http://www.greeningdeserts.com

Climate protection, nature conservation and environmental protection is also species protection. We need more environmental awareness and sustainability, sustainable living and sustainable working, in all fields or areas. We need to create a world of understanding, acceptance, respect, tolerance, compassion and consciousness.

Author: Oliver Gediminas Caplikas, October 2019