3 Fun Ways to Give Your Pet a Treat

There’s nothing quite like the special bond you share with your pet. Giving treats is an excellent way to show him or her how much you care. Not only that, but treating your pet helps with positive reinforcement when you are working with him or her on training skills, such as leash manners, obedience, and potty training.

By giving your pet frequent treats, you are helping to solidify your bond and reassure him or her that they are doing a great job at being your companion! Here are a few fun, innovative ways to treat your pet, so that he or she always has a fun surprise to look forward to when you’re spending time together or while you’re away.

Hide and Seek

Dogs are inquisitive, curious animals by nature, and they love to use their instincts, particularly their keen sense of smell, to hunt for food…in this case, a delicious, well-hidden treat! Many pet stores and online retailers sell “hide-a-treat” toys, which are perfect for keeping dogs interested and entertained, sometimes for hours! These little puzzles with a sweet reward at the end are perfect for keeping your four-legged pal enngaged while you are away from home.


This fun treating method is perfect for a hot summer day, or anytime you can’t be with your furry friend for several hours. Freezing treats and then giving them to your pet not only keeps him or her busy and happy for an extended period of time, but can also help them to savor their tasty prize, rather than just wolfing it down. Try freezing peanut butter in a hollow dog toy, like a Kong, before giving it to your dog. You’ll be amazed at how long it keeps him or her occupied!

Now You See It…

Though dogs have a demonstrated ability for object permanence, it isn’t as developed in them as it is in humans. That means that simply by covering an object, like a treat, with a blanket or washcloth, you’re performing a dazzling trick that your dog can’t quite figure out right away! Try taking a small treat, like one of the tasty hemp biscuits for dogs, and putting it in front of your dog, and then quickly covering it up, It’s entertaining to see your dog try to figure out where it went, and fun for them when they make it re-appear. You will become your pet’s favorite magician in no time!

The most important thing to remember about giving your pet a treat is that it’s all about love. Your dog loves special goodies, no doubt about it, but his or her real joy comes from seeing and spending time with their favorite person in the world- YOU! Make sure to take time every day to show your pet how much you love them with a fun, interesting treat. So if you are looking for hemp dog treats then you are at right place.

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