Louisiana Car Accident Laws

Every state has a different set of laws on how to handle car accidents and injuries that result from them. Brian Caubarreaux & Associates has compiled some information we think is important to know before deciding to file a lawsuit after being injured in a car wreck in Louisiana. We are providing our services related to attorneys in Alexandria LA .

There are three different ways you can proceed after being injured in a car wreck:

  1. You can file a claim with your own insurance company.
  2. You can file a claim directly with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.
  3. You can file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

This may appear to be an easy decision, but it is vital to know exactly what each choice means. While Brian Caubarreaux & Associates highly recommends seeking legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after an accident, we’ve chosen to expand on this list of choices on our website because it is important for every Louisiana citizen to know. Below are some aspects of Louisiana car accident law that you should take into consideration before making a decision.

Louisiana Direct Action Statute

Louisiana has a unique set of rules, in particular because it is a “direct-action state.” This means that an injured party can seek damages directly from an insurance company in addition to the insured person who caused the accident. In direct-action states like Louisiana, the insured person who caused the accident may not have to be named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

This gives victims in direct-action states the benefit of getting the compensation they deserve.

Louisiana Follows a Fault-Based Car Accident System

Before filing a lawsuit against another driver in Louisiana, it is important to understand that in a court of law they will attempt to find who was at fault for the accident. If a driver causes an accident in Louisiana, he or she will be held accountable for any damages that resulted from the accident. Because of this system, every driver must buy an automobile insurance policy that meets the state’s minimum liability coverage requirements.

Car insurance policies in Louisiana must include a minimum of:

  • $15,000 for bodily injury liability coverage
  • $30,000 for total accident liability coverage
  • $25,000 for property damage liability coverage

Louisiana Comparative Fault Law

Louisiana practices comparative fault law as outlined by Louisiana Civil Code Article 2323. This means that multiple people can be found at fault for a car accident – even the injured party.

Louisiana Civil Code Article 2323 explains how comparative fault laws are practiced in Louisiana. It defines how the judge and jurors should approach a case in court when the victim is at fault for the accident in some way. The victim of the crash may seek compensation, regardless of whether or not they are at fault. However, the amount of compensation the victim receives will reduce according to their percentage of liability. For example, if you were awarded $80,000 in damages but the jury found you 40 percent liable for the accident, you would only receive $48,000 in compensation.

What to Do After A Car Accident

The laws outlined above mean that when you experience a car accident in Louisiana, you should always remember:

  • Call the police so an accident report can be completed by the appropriate authority.
  • Document as much as possible. The more photos you collect of the accident, the more evidence you have to support your claim.
  • Gather other evidence, such as witness names, contact information and accounts of the accident.
  • Do NOT give a statement to any insurance company.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Louisiana, make sure to contact Brian Caubarreaux & Associates. We have offices in Marksville and Alexandria, and we are standing by to help you today!

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BCA LA Personal Injury Laws

If you’ve been injured in Louisiana due to someone else’s negligence, you may be interested in filing a personal injury claim. Personal Injury law in Louisiana can differ from other states in some cases. Brian Caubarreaux & Associates has compiled some information about Louisiana personal injury law that we believe is important for you to know before considering a personal injury lawsuit. Many people are looking for attorneys in Alexandria LA .

Negligence Law

Negligence laws in Louisiana are in place to protect you if you suffer injury due to another person’s carelessness. They hold the responsible party accountable for failing to take the proper care that someone would generally exercise in that situation. In order for a negligence claim in a personal injury lawsuit to be successful, there are elements you must prove in court:

  1. Duty of Care – reasonable care the responsible party should have exercised in that situation, such as not stopping at a red light
  2. Breach of Duty – responsible party failed to meet the duty of care owed in the situation
  3. Proximate Cause – responsible party’s breach of duty caused your injury and your injury would not have occurred if the duty of care was fulfilled
  4. Damages – you must prove you have suffered damage from your injury, whether it be physical, emotional, monetary or all of the above

Comparative Fault/Comparative Negligence Law

Comparative fault/comparative negligence laws in Louisiana may come into play in your personal injury lawsuit. Comparative fault laws are practiced in Louisiana if the victim of an accident is partially or fully responsible for the accident. This means that your own negligence or carelessness in the situation resulted in your injuries.

Louisiana Civil Code Article 2323 explains how comparative fault laws are practiced in Louisiana. It defines how the judge and jurors should approach a case in court when the victim is at fault for the accident in some way. The victim of the crash may seek compensation, regardless of whether or not they are at fault. However, the amount of compensation the victim receives will reduce according to their percentage of liability. For example, if you were awarded $80,000 in damages but the jury found you 40 percent liable for the accident, you would only receive $48,000 in compensation.

Dog Bite Law

Louisiana follows certain laws when it comes to personal injury from dog bites. The “one-bite rule” is one of these laws you may have heard about. Like other negligence laws in our state, in a one-bite rule case, the injured party must prove negligence on part of the dog owner. The following things must be proven for the victim to receive damages:

  1. The dog owner had reason to know or believe that their dog would attack someone.
  2. If the dog owner had practiced reasonable care, the damage would have been prevented.
  3. The dog owner failed to practice reasonable care.
  4. The person who was injured by the dog did not provoke it into attacking. If this is proven, the owner may not be liable for the injury.

Comparative fault/comparative negligence law can also be applied to dog bite cases in Louisiana. The injured party may have been partially or fully responsible for their injury, depending on how they acted in the situation. In that case, damages would be reduced based on the percentage of liability. For example, if the dog lived in a fenced-in backyard with a “BEWARE OF DOG” sign and you entered the backyard regardless of the warnings provided, you may be found partially responsible for your injury, which would reduce the amount of damages awarded to you.

Statute of Limitation

A statute of limitation is the amount of time allowed for filing a lawsuit or civil action after an injury or accident has taken place. Louisiana is unique because nearly all civil actions in the state have a one-year statute of limitation, while other states often have a two to five-year statute of limitation. So, when it comes to any type of personal injury in Louisiana, the injured party only has a one-year period to file for a claim after the injury has occurred.

If you’re looking for legal advice after experiencing a personal injury in Louisiana, make sure to contact Brian Caubarreaux & Associates. We have offices in Marksville and Alexandria and are ready to help you today!

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What is Hair transplant?

Many people have confusion regarding what is hair transplant and how does it work. Well, it is a surgical technique that is intended to move fair follicles from the hair area to the donor area. The hair area is usually the back of the head while the donor area is the balding part that is also known as the recipient site.


Why hair loss occurs?

Hair loss occurs in different genders based on different reasons. Men are more prone to it because of either genetic factors or hormone DHT. Males see a slow reduction in hairs and gradually bald area increases. Men also experience the thinning of hairs on the crown area. On the other hand, it is also common in women. There are many facilities of female hair transplant in Lahore. Women come across hair loss because of hormonal changes. The entire hairs start to get thinner.


A hair transplant is a natural method to get your hair back. It is also useful in getting hairs back that were lost because of burns, injury or any disease.


How hair transplant is done?

There are two main methods used for hair transplants. One of them is Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) while the other one is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).


In FUT, the strip of skin is taken for transplant. The follicular unit is divided, and replantation is done in the required area. However, it left a visible scar on the back of the scalp.


The FUE solves the issue of FUT. The FUE requires the removal of single hair to replant in the required area. It is an excellent method with permanent results. Only small tiny dots are there with minimal visibility.


Benefits of hair transplant

A hair transplant has many pros. This method requires moving your hair to the affected area. Thus, it is natural with limited drawbacks. They are your hairs, they grow naturally, you can comb, wash, or do anything you wish. The color of new hair is exactly similar to old ones.


There are awesome hair transplant results in Lahore. The main reason is that it is a completely natural way. No chemicals or medicines are used, so no damaging effects. Many people can’t tell that you did a hair transplant.


Drawbacks of hair transplant

There are no main cons of the transplant. You need to be careful about the anesthesia used. Never expect overnight results as it will take 8 to 10 months for complete recovery. The success greatly depends on the quality of hair in the donor area.

Y-Combinator Startup Taskade raises $5M to Create a Real-Time Collaboration Productivity Platform to Take on Asana, Notion, Slack

Most of the enterprise software tool startups have been so much birthed to be either un-bundled or either they are re-bundled what had already come before them.  In such an era “consumerization of the enterprise” is already becoming the main center of attraction among the investors.  Taskade has made itself to be the top favorite among the Asana, Slack, and Notion.  It is a tool that is recommended for the startups to collaborate upon the projects which can somehow be re-organized based on the individual user’s excellent performance through the tasks.

This has been one such platform that is making an effort to meet all the basic needs and requirements.  You can look forward to taking the notes, designate the tasks, converse with your co-workers and set goals.  You get a chance to visualize all those things which you have already completed.

This startup has been looking ahead to take upon a page or the two from the Notion in which you can easily re-visualize databases in the form of tables or either Kanban boards with convenient nature.  Taskade has constructed the whole framework into a much more collaborative tool finishing in which it has put some limits on itself as well.  This will let the users prevent from staying within the endless course of customization which can be either blessing or even a curse.

This Taskade platform has been organized in the region of tasks that have been arranged within the projects.  It is not organized in the limitations of the pages which can be based upon different data sets as well as perspectives. Taskade projects have been completely limited to one database.  This will probably cut down the confusion and so as the temptation to stuff in between so many pages.

The startups which the Taskade has been taking on feel to be so much pervasive.  Slack made itself public as this summer and they are sitting on the market cap revenue of around $11.4 billion. Asana has risen north of around $210 million from the investors. Notion who is the youngin’ of the group has just newly nabbed the new funding which was around $800 million valuations.

The teamwork of the Taskade has been quite small as just 6 employees are working in the company on a current basis.  The whole company has been organized on a remote basis.  It has been planned that the funding will be used to build some new projects rather than using it for pushing it into marketing and sales.  The company has already made huge growth in terms of the customers and has even taken upon a specific foothold among so many creative agency customers.

This product is available in both free versions as well as paid levels.  You can get it at the price of around $10 which is for one month as per person. Taskade has been making efforts to construct a considerable relationship between the paid and free versions so no such difference is left behind.  It is available on the platforms of Android, Windows, MAC, iOS as well as web.

For more details click https://www.taskade.com/

A Quick Guide about FUE Female Hair Transplant in Lahore

Hair transplant treatments have been divided into so many categories among which FUE hair transplant treatment is considered to be one of the most optimal ways for restoring the hairs.  FUE is the abbreviation of Follicular Unit Extraction. This baldness treatment is accountable as in the removal of the individual follicular units or even the grafts where each one of them is containing 1-4 hairs. Now the main question which probably hit so many minds is to know about the working process of FUE hair restoration in Lahore! It has been divided into 4 main stages which we are about to discuss below for you.

First of all the surgeon will be creating some punch incisions which is around the area of hair follicles and will later on be extracting the basic hair grafts from the area of donor.  This whole process is performed through the use of local anesthesia.  In this stage, you need to be careful because there might be chances to get your follicles damaged.  In case they are damaged, they won’t be able to get settled at the recipient area.

Grafts are normally harvested at the side areas as well as back areas of your head. Plus the hairs in all such areas are taken to be much more resistant to the DHT. DHT is a form of hormone which is triggering the hair loss.

Grafts are usually removed through the use of hollow needle.  One graft is normally based on 1-3 hairs which is extracted all at once.  Later on all the grafts are positioned in the special nutrient-based solution which is included with biotin.  This solution will be ensuring the accurate storage of graft condition. It will also stimulate the hair cell growth and provides an accurate enrichment to the grafts.

In the last stage of the hair loss treatment in Lahore the surgeon will be creating incisions into the recipient area and will later on be populating it with certain hairs.  FUE hair transplant is considered to be the safest and yet the effective treatments of baldness.


This FUE hair transplant treatment will be taking a long time in terms of operation and requires some high level based precision.  But at the end of the day it definitely provides excellent results and is quite often less stressful for patients.  It gives a patient head with the natural look and let the hairs to grow once again in a natural healthy mannerism. In addition the recovery time has been quite less as compared to less of the hair transplant treatments.  It will probably let the patient to get recovered in the time period of 8-9 days after the treatment ends. As regard the cost of this female hair transplant in Lahore has been concerned, then the price range will be depending upon the condition of your baldness.  Consult your surgeon before you make your mind to get into hair transplant process.

Ali Ben Eyouba Haidara

Ali 1

Ali Ben Eyouba Haidara is known by the name of Ali Haidara. He was born on 14th January 1998. He is professionally known as the African American record producer and finest record executive. He has even earned a big name as a talented songwriter, and best DJ. He is the main Owner and CEO of Instruversal Inc raised which is a famous music store company located in Manhattan New York City. When he was in middle school he started his professional career. In just the least period of career start, he made his career strong being the finest recording Artist Hip hop. He has worked with so many recording labels in his so-far career in which we have Fat Joe, Jadakiss, as well as Lil Kim Swiss Beatz, plus Zaytoven, and even Yoshi24k.  In Mid-2017, he reached the sky limits.

Early life background of Ali Ben Eyouba Haidara

Ali Haidara was born and raised in the place of New York City Manhattan. He got his early education from New Design High School. During the time of his middle school education, he was quote a lot fond of playing the piano. He used to play piano for the music group Tompkins Square middle located in Lower East Side Manhattan. His older brother used to have a laptop with the music production software named as FruityLoops.

At the age of just 13, he started composing beats and musical records.  During the time of his high school studies, he kept on improving his music production skills. At the ending year of his high school, he proudly earned the scholarship to NYU Music and Performing Arts professions Program.  But after studying for two months, he drops out of the university and started working with IMI productions – IMI Studios NYC which was in lower Manhattan. He made his way to social media platforms from where he started promoting his musical records and beats.

Professional Career of Ali Ben Eyouba Haidara

Ali Haidara professionally started his career by getting in connection with IMI Studios to make some beats and musical records.  Later on, he started composing music and recording for so many famous artists one after another. He soon started to get into collaboration with different independent artists as well as producers as he was dropped put from the NYU. His very first music tour was with Chris Gotti to sxsw while he was working with the IMI Studios for pursing a strong career.

Ali 2

As he grew to fame, he started giving interviews, which let the whole world know who was Ali Ben. He even got the opportunity to work with the downtown dolla during the time of summer. Ali had studied engineering and the degree of business management. He has even started with his very own business Instruversal that has helped him a lot to make his musical career a complete professional career timeline. Some of the famous artists with which Ali Ben has collaborated so far are Ludacris, Future, 21 Savage, NAV (rapper) and with so many famous hip hop producers, in which we have Sonny Digital, as well as Zaytoven, Tracklib Istandard and even IMI productions.

Ali 3

The importance of Distance Learning Headsets

As someone who has used many kinds of listening devices for learning, distance learning headsets are a vital part of any distance learning program. For a success full program, you must have all the qualities that I look for in a learning device: audio clarity, auditory acuity, and personal connectivity.

Audio Clarity: As an experienced speaker who has taught hundreds of students and conducted hundreds of classes over many years, I know the importance of good sound. Loudspeakers with good sound can make an instructor’s voice clearer and more comfortable to listen to. In addition, headsets should provide a clear sound throughout the room, including near the back or in the corner of the room.

Acuity: The ability to see, hear, and understand what is being said is very important. The same is true of a student who has had some training on audio skills. For a student who has taken a course in music or communication, he or she should be able to hear the syllabus clearly and also to understand that he or she needs to understand the message. A poor understanding of what is being said can lead to confusion and frustration.

Personal Connectivity: In some cases, I have found that I have a friend who is an excellent instructor, in part because she knows how to use her headset microphone well and that she knows what voices should be heard in a classroom. Many teachers appreciate this kind of support when the student’s teacher might not be the best instructor. In this case, the teacher and student will have a better understanding of the materials. And this can be good for both the student and the teacher.

Other times, however, the instructional benefit is far more limited by the availability of educational technology in the classroom. In this case, distance learning headset can work well. These days there are several companies that make these kinds of headsets, so be sure to get a specialist company to guide you. While it’s true that some are designed for the public as well as for private home use, they can also be used in a public setting or in a classroom.

The type of technology that is needed is important to consider for people who want to be able to send and receive audiovisual materials such as PowerPoint presentations, movies, and podcasts with ease and confidence. Of course, the internet is one of the leading venues for the delivery of these kinds of materials so the technology involved is fairly basic for most people.

With the ease of sending audio and video, the benefits of these devices are great for speakers who need to speak and for those who need to hear the stronger voices. You don’t have to be trained as a speech therapist to use these types of headsets. The teaching approach to each lesson can be adjusted to suit the needs of the student.

If you are teaching a class of students, you will also find that you can get better results from them if you have personal, private conversations with your students. You can use the listening portion of the device to make sure that the students understand the points that you want to make and to get their opinions so that you can adjust your approach accordingly.

In addition, you can use the headsets to enhance the role of the instructor and to make the classroom more interactive. The students can ask questions as you talk about their answers and you can move on to the next question. The instructor can listen and be heard without the students needing to raise their hands or turn around.

One of the most practical benefits of this technology is that the students are also learning at the same time. For example, if the teacher wants to show a slide of a digital clock that changes hands, the students can be shown in this slide while they are wearing headsets, which enables them to listen to the clock without needing to take it out of their pocket.

Another common use is for speakers that are linked to the internet. For example, you could use the headsets for learning remotely for the presenter or the assistant. The presentations can be printed out and given to the audience for further discussion without having to hand out printed materials.

By using headsets for learning remotely, teachers can save money on equipment and also avoid the risk of students removing the headsets before the event. Which can be a safety hazard.

Latest Hair Transplant techniques

The term hair transplant technique comes in the meanings of two processes that use surgical techniques to remove the hair from one part of the body called Donor site. The removed hairs are transplanted to the bald part of the body known as recipient site. This technique is used to treat the male pattern baldness. However it is also used to restore the hairs from beard, chest, eyelashes and pubic hairs etc lost due to some sort of accident or any other skin issue.  Hairs grow in the groups of three or four by nature and during the transplantation this grouping is not disturbed and in the same position they are transplanted to the recipient site by grafting all the dermis and epidermis surrounding hairs.

In 1897 Mena hem Medora successfully transplanted the hairs from the unaffected part of the scalp to the receipt site. In 1930s modern technique was introduced from Japan. The modern era of hair restoration surgery was introduced till 1950s. At the last of 1980s B. L. Limner introduced the technique of stereo scope to dissect single strip. The adoption of the “lateral slit” technique in the early 2000s, enabled hair surgeons to orient 2 to 4 hair follicular unit grafts so that they splay out across the scalp’s surface.

Hair transplant technique is accomplished by following certain procedure, and here will be brief description of each step taken for the transplantation of hairs. Pre-operative planning and instructions contains the adaptations the recipient should adopt like certain medicine leads to the bleeding after transplantation should be avoided. Furthermore alcohol consumption and smoking could lead to poor grafting, so it should be prohibited for certain period of time before transplantation of hair. Harvesting techniques there are two main ways for harvesting of hairs FUE (follicular unit extraction) and SEH (strip excision harvesting). Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. Neglecting the way adopted for harvesting proper extraction of hairs shaft to ensure the viability of transplanting hairs for avoiding transaction. Follicular unit transplant is the most traditional method in hair transplant technique. This method involves the extraction of hairs from the back side or left/right side of the scalp and transferred to the recipient site.  Robotic hair restoration follows FUE procedure with the assistance of cameras and mechanic (robotic) arms.  The first robotic surgical device for hair restoration approved FDA in 2007 and termed as New-Graft. Post Operative care this includes the prevention from exposing the recipient site to the sunlight and second most important thing is shampooing two or three days after the surgery. Some surgeons suggest to shampoo the hairs day after the surgery. Shampoo prevents the scabs formation around the transplanted hairs. Some hairs fall out due to shock loss and hairs start growing after few months from that area.

Hair transplant technique has applications in androgenic alopecia, this term is for loss of hairs from scalp both in male and female due to genetic abnormality.  Eyebrow transplant this technique is used for cosmetic purpose. This technique is used to thicken the eyebrow as the hairs start growing at the part where this technique was applied. With the application of hair transplant technique it also has some advantages Shock loss is the most common disadvantage of hair restoration surgery https://lahorehairclinic.com/

Wichtige Hinweise für die Immunsystemstärkung, Gesundheit und Heilung

Keine Panik; Angst und Stress meiden! Das Wichtigste für die Prävention, im Fall

einer Infektion und für dieHeilung bei besagten Viren, ist ein starkes Immunsystem!

Tägliche Bewegung am Besten in der Natur, Parks, Wäldern, Durchblutung, frische

Luft, präventiv schwitzen, kalt duschen, heiß baden,.. Sonne tanken in Maßen,

Gesundheitsschlaf oder gut ausschlafen! Präventiv hilft auch Achtsamkeit

untereinander, freundlicher Austausch auf ‘Abstand’. Lebensmittel wie Granatapfel,

Ingwer, Knoblauch, Kokosöl, Sanddorn, Süßholz helfen präventiv gegen Viren etc.

Wichtig ! Vitamin B6 ist gut für Bildung von Immunbotenstoffen, Vitamin E für

Abwehrzellen und gegen freie Radikale – ebenso wie ein Glas Rotwein.

Spurenelemente wie Selen und/oder Zink sind auch gut für die Immunsystemstärkung,

enthalten in Cashewnüssen, Fisch, Kürbiskernen, Mandeln, Mohn, Reis

und Sesam. Sauerkraut, Kefir, Kimchi und Miso enthält die wichtigen Probiotika,

diese können auch das Immunsystem und die Immunabwehr stärken. Mehr ist im

Prinzip nicht nötig, einige der u.g. Lebensmittel sind ausreichend. Jeder sollte wissen

was sein Immunsystem stärkt und stärken kann. Knoblauch und Süßholz sind starke

Blocker gegen schädliche Bakterien und Viren!

Hier noch zwei 5-Punkte für die Prävention und die Milderung der Symptome

bei Ansteckung. Im Prinzip reichen einige der gesunden Lebensmittel und

Heilmittel für die Immunsystemstärkung und Reduzierung von Viren.

Ausgewogene und abwechslungsreiche Ernährung mit den aufgezählten

Lebensmittel kann fast jeden bakteriellen und viralen Befall verhindern bzw.


– Bärlauch, Brokkoli, Knoblauch! Kohlgemüse, Salbei, Sauerkraut, Süßholz !

– Grüner Tee (3x täglich), Honig mit Knoblauch, Kokosöl, Kurkuma,..

– Hanföl, Leinöl, Bio-Sonnenblumen und/oder Walnussöl, Kümmel, Oregano

– Granatapfel ! Ingwer, Paprika rot, Reis, Sanddorn! Süßkartoffeln,..

– Sonnenblumenkerne, Kefir, Kimchi, Miso,.. Probiotika

Natürlich hat jedes Land, jede Region und jeder Kontinent spezielle Heilmittel bzw.

Lebensmittel. Bitte setzt diese Liste fort, wenn möglich.

Mit vielen der Lebensmittel sind Immunpräparate überflüssig, können jedoch bei

Risikogruppen und Patienten von Ärzten oder Apothekern empfohlen bzw. verteilt

werden! Mineral-Vitamindepots alle Tage sind nicht verkehrt. Einige der genannten

Mittel für die Prävention sind auch bei Ansteckung wirksam, da für die Heilung primär

ein starkes Immunsystem nötig ist. Cayennepfeffer und Chilli kann auch helfen, nicht

jeder verträgt jedoch starke Schärfegrade.

Weitere wichtige Informationen, wie man den Coronavirus reduzieren und

vielleicht sogar den Virus stoppen kann.

Die offiziellen Tipps wie Desinfektion, Händewaschen usw. sind für die meisten

Menschen klar.. hier sind einige fortschrittliche Methoden und weitere Lösungen, die

auch wahrscheinlich helfen könnten – zur Vorbeugung und sogar zur Heilung!

  1. Trinken von Heilwasser, gesunde Ernährung und Stärkung des Immunsystems,

wöchentliche Mineral- und Vitamindepots – die offiziellen Gesundheitsbehörden

sollten M & V-Depots verteilen.

  1. Alle 1-3 Tage Knoblauch bedeckt die Haut mit einer Schutzschicht gegen einige

Bakterien und Viren! Knoblauch hat das Potenzial viele Krankheiten zu vermeiden,

nicht nur bei bakteriellen oder virellen Problemen.

  1. Es ist sehr wichtig, im Notfall über ‘medizinisches’ UV-C-Licht nachzudenken und

es evtl. für gewisse Räume in größerem Maßstab zu verwenden, insbesondere für

Kurierdienste, Postämter, Verteilungszentren, Lebensmittel- und andere

Zustelldienste. Dreck, Fett, Öl,.. je nach Kombination kann die Verbreitung von

Viren enorm fördern! Fettige Speisen und sehr ungesunde Lebensweise kann im

Bezug auf Virenverbeitung sehr nachteilig sein. Es gibt tragbare UV-C-Geräte in

Entwicklung und Produktion. Öffentliche Hotspots wie Busse, Bibliotheken,

Krankenhäuser, Züge, Straßenbahnen, Universitäten könnten solche “medizinischen”

UVC-Lichter einsetzen – gerade früh, Mittag, Abends oder wenn sie halt leer sind.

  1. Es gibt einen Adaptogen-Heiltee wie Ginseng, der Schaden und Leiden für

infizierte Menschen reduzieren kann und sogar das Potenzial hat die Krankheit

vollständig zu heilen!

  1. Vor einiger Zeit wurde ein Baum gefunden, der eine der wirksamsten Substanzen

enthält. Medizinische Tests haben gezeigt das er den Virus im Körper erheblich

reduzieren kann. Die schlechte Nachricht, der Baum ist sehr gefährdet und nur in

wenigen Regionen wie in Indonesien verfügbar. Eine indust. Synthetisierung ist

möglicherweise in ca. 4-8 Monaten möglich, je nach Nation, Region oder Situation.

Greening Deserts hat im März 2020 ein spezielles Forschungsprogramm gestartet

um potentielle Arzneipflanzen bzw. Heilpflanzen zu erforschen und zu kultivieren –

besonders die Wirkstoffe für die Immunsystemstärkung und gegen die Ausbreitung

von Viren im Körper sowie im Umfeld. Besonderes Augenmerk liegt dabei auf

heimischen Pflanzen, Kräutern, ätherischen Ölen und antiviralen Naturprodukten.

Greening Deserts benötigt dringend finanzielle Unterstützung um die Forschung und

Produktion zu beschleunigen. Eine Fast-Track-Finanzierung wäre angebracht.

Hier noch zwei Hinweise zu zwei wichtigen Vitaminen.

Vitamin A stärkt die Abwehrkräfte, unterstützt Haut- und Schleimhautzellen.

Aprikosen, Eier, Grünkohl und Spinat enthalten besonders viel des Vitamins.

Vitamin C schützt die Zellen vor schädlichen freien Radikalen, steigert die Antikörper-

Produktion und unterstützt die Vermehrung von weißen Blutkörperchen, dies kann

Infektionen verlangsamen und Neuinfektionen reduzieren.

All diese Hinweise und Tips sind kein Ersatz für professionelle medizinische

Behandlungen und/oder Arztbesuche im Fall eines schweren Krankheitsverlaufs. Die

Informationen dienen hauptsächlich der Aufklärung, Prävention und sind als

Unterstützung gedacht. Bei ernstem Verdacht und bekannten Symptomen wird der

Besuch bei vertrauten Ärzten bzw. zuständigen Stellen, etwa in Krankenhäusern oder

Universitätskliniken empfohlen. Besonders gefährdete Personengruppen wie

Krebskranke, alte und schwache Menschen sollten dies ernst nehmen. Ebenso

Personen mit Autoimmunerkrankungen, mit chronischen Atemwegserkrankungen,

fortschreitenden Systemerkrankungen wie Tuberkulose, Leukämie oder mit einer

HIV-Infektion, sollten an einen fachkundigen Arzt verwiesen werden. Gleiches gilt,

wenn akute Infektionen mit schweren Symptomen einhergehen. Ethik und Moral

sollte das Gebot der Stunde sein, Geldmacherei mit gewissen Produkten, etwa mit

Schutzmaterial ist das Letzte.

Es gibt im Internet viele nützlichen Artikel und Informationen zu den genannten

Themen, etwa vom Netdoktor: 9 Tipps gegen ein schwaches Immunsystem. Online-

Beratungen und Workshops für die Immunsystemstärkung und Prävention sind auch

nicht verkehrt.

Bitte teilt die wichtigen Informationen weiter, konstruktives Feedback und

Übersetzungen sind willkommen. Seid nicht egoistisch oder ignorant, es macht alles

noch schlimmer. Solidarität und Courage sind heutzutage wichtiger denn je. Seid

solidarisch mit Betroffenen, besonders mit stark betroffenen Regionen bzw. Nationen,

z.B. wie Italien und Spanien in Europa. Wenn es um Gesundheit geht, sollte es

zudem nicht am Geld mangeln, Menschenrechte gehen vor.

Wenn Ihr weitere Informationen wollt kontaktiert gerne per E-Mail contactad oder über

andere offizielle Kanäle. @greeningdeserts.com

Zum Abschluss noch ein paar interessante Redewendungen, Weisheiten und


Gesundheit ohne Geld ist eine halbe Krankheit. – Aus Italien

Gesundheit und froher Mut, das ist des Menschen höchstes Gut. – Deutsches


Der Mann, der zu beschäftigt ist, sich um seine Gesundheit zu kümmern, ist wie ein

Handwerker, der keine Zeit hat, seine Werkzeuge zu pflegen. – Aus Spanien

Die Beste Vorsorge ist Lernen. Geld kann verlorengehen oder gestohlen werden,

Gesundheit und Kräfte können schwinden, doch was man im Kopf hat, bleibt für

immer. – Unbekannt

Freude ist unentbehrlich für die körperliche und für die seelische Gesundheit.

Für seine Gesundheit muß man mehr lassen als tun. – Unbekannt

Menschen mit moderatem Alkoholkonsum leben nach heute gesicherter

wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnis länger als solche, die dem Alkohol ganz entsagen.

Entscheidend ist die Dosis. Der Verzicht auf Wein ist ein

Risikofaktor für unsere Gesundheit. – Unbekannt

Mit Geld können wir kaufen:

Ein Bett, aber keinen Schlaf;

Bücher, aber keine Intelligenz;

Essen, aber keinen Appetit;

Schmuck, aber keine Schönheit;

Häuser, aber keine Gemeinschaft;

Medizin, aber keine Gesundheit;

Luxusartikel, aber keine Freude!

Allerlei – aber kein Glück;

sogar eine Kirche,

aber niemals den Himmel!

Aus Guatemala

Wieviele Menschen setzen ihre Gesundheit daran, viel Geld zu verdienen, und

müssen dann ihr ganzes Geld daransetzten, wieder gesund zu werden. – Unbekannt

Laß dich anstecken von der Menschlichkeit und infiziere dann gründlich deine

Umgebung, auf daß der Virus der Nächstenliebe die Welt erobert, bevor es ein

anderer Virus schafft. – Christa Schyboll

Neuigkeiten und Updates werden folgen. Besucht auch Greening Deserts Netzwerkund

soziale Seiten.

Wedding anniversary gift selection tips

Most everybody knows of this age-old clinic (badly, it dates back to the middle Ages) of providing specific anniversary presents dependent on the number of years you have been wed…  The theory behind it?  With every anniversary which moves, you reinforce your connection.  Therefore, while those anniversary presents may start out easy (paper to the first year and flowers for your fourth), their material and value increases as your own investment into every other does.  As time has evolved, however, have these anniversary present lists to coincide with our modern means of living.

Now, annually is connected with anniversary present”substances” or forms, in addition to different gemstones and specified colors (or color mixes) that tie into and relate to the anniversary year total theme.  Collectively, these four elements provide a lot of anniversaries present ideas.

We break down the various traditional and contemporary anniversary gifts annually, and all of the anniversary diamonds, anniversary colors and the significance behind them.  Simply take this inspiration directly to Etsy, Uncommon Goods or some other favorite gift site.  But, head to our super-comprehensive and shoppable present guides for every wonderful season (we have connected to them!).

Though you might be thinking that newspaper is a fairly common, unspecial material, there is one smart method of creating your wedding anniversary present a memorable one; and that is having an experience gift coupon.

Gift cards actually allow you to spoil your cherished with something they are most curious about while sticking to convention.   It is only a sheet of paper, but it implies that a great deal more!

Take a peek at these distinctive first-anniversary presents, all of which are talented in the newspaper as an adventure voucher.  Date night only got a good deal more exciting.

Durable and flexible, cotton retains the qualities of a union that has created it to its next calendar year.  The inherent meaning behind a cotton present is your union has to have the ability to remain strong even when confronted with tough changes.  Accomplish this, and both of you may develop closer, your own lives getting entangled like interwoven cotton fibers.

Her and his 100% cotton bathrobes are superb cottons themed anniversary present.  Practical but lavish, there is something romantic about sporting a customized gentle cotton luxury bathrobe in the afternoon of the anniversary.  If that is not particular enough, then take your loved one for a romantic spa afternoon, a creative method of sticking into the cotton anniversary motif.

3-Year Anniversary Presents

Conventional Present: Leather

Leather represents refuge and safety for your next year, similar to what a union and the house you build with every other signifies.

Contemporary Donation: Crystal or Glass

As a present, cut and glass crystal signifies and reflects beauty and light.

It is stated that jade symbolizes prosperity.  Meanwhile, the white is frequently connected with innocence –such as your own pure love for one another.

Gemstone: Pearl

A sign of beauty and wisdom, pearls shape many layers as time passes and the more time they shape, the more amazing they become, like a union.

Four decades!  That means it is time to get a few stunning blossoms and fruit!  After four strong years collectively, your union has actually begun to blossom and ripen.

Nothing says”We left it four!”  Enjoy a traditional fragrance of your loved one’s favorite flowers.  Too dull?   In the end, the wine was fruit.

5-Year Anniversary Presents

Conventional Present: Wood

Contemporary Donation: Silverware

All of the foods you have enjoyed collectively and will continue to talk about would be the greatest commemorated with lovely silverware.

You have choices, so select your loved one’s favorite of this bunch.

Gemstone: Sapphire

6-Year Anniversary Presents

Conventional Present: Iron

Iron marks your power as after six decades, it is possible to still keep a bond.

Contemporary Donation: Wood Objects

Much like the conventional five-year present, a product made from wood suggests that the resilience of your union.

By this time, you have probably realized there are a couple of theme repeats.  Already talented something white or sour?  Try purple, a royal and bewitching color, now around.

Gemstone: Amethyst

Amethyst is made from quartz (which can be a powerful, thick rock), which makes it a gift with lasting power.

For more information, please visit abcflor.com