Hair Transplant in Pakistan by highly qualified doctors

Hair Transplant in Pakistan by highly qualified doctors


Hair transplantation or baldness/Alopecia treatment is a surgical technique including the ‘donor site’ and ‘recipient site’ that including individual hair follicle movement from a specific part of the body to bald or balding part of the body by which permanent hair restoration can be achieved. The good closure technique makes the scar invisible and results are in visibly natural hairs achieved.  It is a widely popular cosmetic procedure for both men and women. Over the last decade transplantation of hairs is progressing among populations because of increasing problems of hair loss and baldness that makes one personality dull and less attractive. For more details  see the website

Techniques Used:

Hair transplantation techniques include Strip excision harvesting procedure, Follicular unit extraction (FUE), Follicular unit transplant, Robotic hair restoration and the micro or minigraft techniques. The FUT or follicular unit technique is more patient friendly that’s why it’s more popular among hair transplantation techniques.

Hair Transplant Popularity Ratio and Clinics In Pakistan:

In Pakistan also as like other countries hair transplantation becoming popular and make it place among other cosmetic procedure. If we observe hair transplant in Pakistan popularity ratio, it increasingly popular in cities of Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and in small ratios in Karachi and other cities. Popular Hair transplant specialist is in areas of Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad. They are available on just your one click where you can discuss your hair loss issues and can take your appointments online very easily.

Popular Hair Transplantation Techniques in Pakistan:

Hair transplant techniques that are popular in Pakistan is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), There is not any risk in Fue hair transplant in Pakistan and it is the latest and more patient friendly. It treats in natural way. Patient can avail it in very reasonable costs.

Other Techniques:

Other techniques also available include Laser hair transplant that is too costly with risk associated. Other is artificial hair transplant with more side effects as compared to other methods of hair transplant because of use of allergic and synthetic materials that leading to immune system diseases, scalp infections etc.



With increasing pollution and harmful products use hair lose becoming one of the main problems of this era. Now availability of FUT technique in Pakistan at affordable costs makes this possible. Different blogs and social networking forums will help you to find best for you. Now you are just away from one click to solve your hair loss problems.





Hair transplant trend in Lahore

Hair transplant trend in Lahore

                                  In the global village, the dressing and personality has taken a lot of space. People of these days are now more concerned about their looks and dressing. Fashion styles, brands and media campaigns have fueled up this phenomenon. It is human nature to be presentable so that others could be impressed.

Climate changes affect the human beings in many ways and health is the biggest affected of our negligence in this regards. In Pakistan, climate changes are sometimes blamed for certain health issues like many viruses and diseases. We have also witnessed the rising trend of early hair loss. Genetics are no doubt responsible for this but when young men are seen with fewer hairs and in such alarming number, so it’s a complex situation.

Medical health gives the solution in the form of hair loss treatment in Lahore and different techniques are available through world. In Pakistan, the trend of hair transplant was rare before 2000 but started gaining popularity after 2001. Only some clinics were present till 2005 and patients were not aware regarding treatment, processes and techniques. In earlier years, the clinics were mostly established in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. But now the cities like Multan, Faisalabad and Peshawar also enjoying the treatment opportunities through clinics inaugurations by leading doctors and hair clubs.

The adoption of treatment by famous politicians and celebrities helped in popularizing this surgery and clinics introduced cheaper package thereafter.  This can be understood with a fact that a leading hair transplant surgeon in country’s capital Islamabad conducted 8000 hair transplant surgeries since 2006 but from 2001-2005, he had treated just 1000 patients. According to an estimate, 120 hair transplant clinics throughout Pakistan are busy in treating patients. One thing is interesting to know that in recent times, the patients from middle class families have also taken the step to go for this treatment. The basic reason is the increased awareness and introduction of economical packages due to the competition. Myths of side effects, pain and special care of planted hairs have also lost their credibility after the awareness.

We have some of the best Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan and Islamabad has become the capital of hair transplant. The adoption of hair transplant by the leading politicians and film celebrities helped greatly to popularize this treatment. In all billboards and ads, the pictures of celebrities are used to attract the patience. This health industry has also been proven an asset when it comes to the question of revenue. In Peshawar, thousands of hair loss patients come for Afghanistan for treatment and thousands of operations are being done by surgeons. The cost generally lies between 500-100 $ depending on the areas to be covered and techniques to be used. Normally, it takes only 600 $ to change your look and make yourself presentable to the world.  With the passage of time, Pakistan would definitely witness more clinics, patients and this industry will have to increase its capacity to fulfill the demand of patients. It is going to be a major health business in coming years.

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Trend of Hair transplant in Lahore is gaining importance day by day

Trend of Hair transplant in Lahore is gaining importance day by day

Now a days in 21 century hair loss or suffering from this problem is not a big deal or a problem to worry about it too much, because now there are many methods and techniques to get rid of baldness and weird scars on your head or face. There are many actor and actresses also we see daily in TV serials or movies who have had surgery and playing their role and doing their jobs with confidence. These days in the world about two-thirds of men are suffering from some kind of hair loss, and this is the most common case that’s why surgery (or transplant) is getting importance and famous now a days, because every person want a good cutting or scar less beard or head.

Hair transplant in Pakistan is also getting huge importance day by day due to frequent hair loss in people, there are many experts which are providing services of different treatments including, surgical, non-surgical, artificial, FTU and FUE also. The cost of this treatment in Pakistan is not much higher than other countries like USA, England, Australia, France etc.

The cost of hair loss treatment in Pakistan is easily affordable, Laser treatment helps the baled area for blood stimulation and protein synthesis which is required in good Growth and this service is also available. in Lahore. In Pakistan best experts are available in Islamabad and Lahore from where you can get their services easily. If you’re from Pakistan and looking for good treatment clinic in Lahore and facing problem in finding transplantation clinic then just go to and search ‘Hair Transplant in Lahore’ then Google will show you more than 14 transplantation clinic and their location also in Google Map services.

FUE is the highly recommended technique for hair transplant in Lahore

FUE is the highly recommended technique for hair transplant in Lahore


Nowadays, hair transplant in Pakistan is going famously all over the world. It is a method of moving hair from one part of a body to another part of a body that is usually bald. Although science has given us, many methods of hair transplant but none of them is entirely accurate and secure. Thousands of operational advantages have been made over many years by an intense hard work of scientists, but all of them are quite risky and require many precautions that the patient must follow.

There are very complicated steps in such surgeries and some pre-defined strict steps that cannot be ignored. By the way, there is the latest technique of hair transplant called Follicular Unit Extraction also known as FUE. As compared to other transplant methods this more is more secure and trusted. Some steps are involved in FUE like obtaining units and transplanting. Before moving any hair to the requested part of the body, the follicular units are received first. In FUE follicular units are extracted individually from the donor part and then are responded to the transplanting area. This technique is secure unlike others because, in other methods, strips of skins are removed from patient’s skin and then they are divided into individual follicular units. Removing pieces of skins is a risky step because it may damage the skin of patient and it can also bring harm to the patient. That’s why FUE is comparatively safe and highly recommended.

Now, hair transplant in Lahore   has become an important surgical technique, especially for bald people. This method has become famous in all over the world especially after the invention of some secure methods of hair transplant like FUE. Like in other countries and cities, this technique has also been introduced in Lahore, a city of Pakistan. Some trusted and experienced surgery professionals are managing this in Lahore. The customers are satisfied by their work, and they are also introducing some other hair transplant techniques in Lahore. But as stated above, FUE hair transplant in Lahore , so one must adopt this approach if he is going to make a hair transplant. If you want to make a hair transplant in Lahore, you must learn the pros and cons of hair transplant techniques before taking any step. Consult hair professionals and then select the technology you want to choose of hair transplanting. But when it comes to hair transplant techniques, FUE is most secure and safe, so this technique is highly recommended in Lahore as compared to others.

hair transplant price in Pakistan

hair transplant price in Pakistan

Whenever choosing a medical hair restoration remedy one essential issue, which comes into mind is exactly what would be the price for the remedy? The price of the particular hair transplant in Pakistan differs mostly. The estimation and also statistics show that the hair transplant price in US can differ greater than 300% compared to actual cost. There are lots of surgical hair restoration clinics with various methods from partial transplant to perform; their prices differ as well from costly to inexpensive. There are numerous elements that comprise the price of hair transplantation, which include the method used for the transplant and surgeon’s acumen and also sensitive dealing with whilst performing the actual transplant.

What you will pay for any surgical treatment

The typical cost of transplant remedy lies between $5 and also $12 per graft and one graft consists of 1 to 4 follicle units. A few of the hair restoration clinics might provide several prices deals that may not really follow the system of prices which based on the quantity of implanted grafts. Currently tourism gets popular among numerous sufferers all over the world; there are lots of clinics in overseas where the follicle graft cost can be a lot lower compared to others; with the travel costs incorporated the sufferers saves thousands of dollars which also give them a visit to additional country.

Ways of Hair Transplant in Pakistan

The entire quantity of grafts which are implanted determine the entire cost and also periods you’d need for your transplantation. As many people just demands one program while others may need several periods to fill the no hair area of the particular scalp. The actual Follicular grafts models may be removed from the majority of hairy areas of the body or even from the receiver area of the scalp. The most popular means of transplantation, which are mainly utilized by professionals, are usually Follicular Unit Extraction, Follicular Product, or even the Strip technique. Whilst researching these types of techniques FUE hair transplant in Pakistan  is actually much more desirable and also result guaranteeing. Thinking about the painlessness, low downtime and no skin damage impact the FUE hair transplant causes it to be a relatively much better substitute for FUT technique.

A perfect solution for you

The hair transplant price in Pakistan isn’t inexpensive; it would definitely dent your cost savings or you will need for any bank loan for this kind of costly surgical treatment. Nevertheless, in several countries such as the ones that in India, Pakistan as well as other Asian countries, it’s a lot less expensive because they additionally possess the planets best hair restoration clinics but who would choose this kind of vacationing simply for a surgical treatment. Contacting through several hair restoration treatment centers in your country will be a perfect answer for you personally, while if you’re planning for a holiday journey, then have you considered a location where you can get cost effective remedy, and also preserve lots of money.



Trend of Hair transplantation in Bruxelles

Hair transplant is a common thing in all regions of the world. No matter, in which city or country you are living, there will always be the great clinic with latest technologies that can help you to resolve your problems of hair loss. In Belgium, the city Bruxelles is much famous for its professional hair experts and modern techniques. Numerous hair clinics have been designed in best and relax environment by different experts to give patients a quality administration, practicing solely in hair transplantation. An exhaustive scope of hair growing authorities is given by these facility’s exceedingly qualified and experienced specialists and their group at the centers situated at Brussels in Belgium. The best open innovation and strategies are utilized to accomplish an ideal treatment results for patients. Medicines of an exclusive expectation are offered for patients from abroad at the centers. Administrations gave incorporate medicinal medications to male and female pattern baldness and surgical Greffe Cheveux a Bruxelles methods utilizing the exceptional FUE systems to supplant hair on the head, eyebrows, facial hair and mustaches.

No doubt, astounding hair transplanting systems utilizing up to date methods are offered at such facilities situated at Brussels in Belgium. These are fitted with best in class symptomatic and treatment gear to guarantee that patients get the advantage of the best accessible medicines. Abroad and away patients are invited, and settlement courses of action are made for their benefit. Some other different services gave incorporate broad indicative methods, tests and test outcomes, and all other restorative medicines for hair transplant. The most advantage of Hair Restoration Bruxelles is that they esteem and practice careful cleanliness entirely, especially since far as their offices, staff and disinfection keeping in mind the end goal to shield customer’s wellbeing, guarantee the solace and ensure their guests the ideal hair transplantation experience under the best conditions. Implant Capillaire Bruxelles expels the follicular unit straightforwardly on the scalp after neighborhood anesthesia. A blade chamber from 0.8 to 0.9 mm in the distance across is utilized to pick each follicular unit from its subcutaneous connections; each follicular unit is then gathered using smaller scale forceps. The follicular units are reaped and after that replanted as fast as could reasonably be expected into preimplantation locales made. The scar departed after expulsion by FUE will be a progression of sub-millimeter points, the distance across of the punch that is utilized. These scars are basically imperceptible to the stripped eye in light of their size and course of action. So, as a conclusion, anyone can say that hair transplant in this city is widely beneficial and attractive.

Hair transplant results in Lahore-Pakistan

Hair transplant phenomenon is getting more popular since last two years within the Pakistan. There is no doubt in that its importance and need is increased according to modern values of the society. If we talk specifically about the main cities of Pakistan offering hair transplant facilities then among all those cities, Lahore can be the best choice for this purpose. We guarantee you that you have arrived at the convenient spot if you are searching for hair transplant in Lahore  There is most likely Lahore is the best place to complete your hair transplant as practically everybody in Lahore utilizes the most recent innovation and have the best of supplies and pleasantries. Many licensed doctors are working in this field and have great experience in Lahore.

In our society due to different effects men and women both have to face hair problems at any stage of life. As a result, there should be a treatment facility near to everyone. In Lahore, each hair transplant platform is well equipped with all technical and expert resources to deal for all type of hair loss problems. The cost for Fue hair transplant in Lahore may vary according to a condition of the clients, and different techniques like laser hair transplant, FUE hair transplant, non-surgical hair transplant, and other methods demand their own cost. These various factors are involved in final cost for a suitable hair transplant. Many of the visitors of different hair transplant platforms have shared their experience after hair transplant in Lahore. All of them shared their lifestyle, confidence is much better than ever before. Hair transplant has made their personality attractive, groom and good looking. So, we can say that transplantation reestablishes a youthful, characteristic looking appearance while making positive mental impacts, incorporating a support in certainty. Hair transplantation produces lasting results.

Once the arrangement of transplant methods is finished, there is no requirement for additional surgeries. After some time, hair transplant surgery is less costly when contrasted with other male pattern baldness medicines. So, it can be assumed that hair is a necessary part of human body and to get the hair back we should go for one of a hair transplant clinic in Lahore. The ratio of this regrowth of hairs is at the top, and the results are much satisfied.


Hair transplant surgery will give you a new and attractive look.

Hair transplant surgery will give you a new and attractive look.

The hair transplant in Pakistan may be considered as a substantial need of many people nowadays. In a hair transplant, anyone can transplant shining hairs on head scamp using some useful techniques. Although, the hair transplant is not a common phenomenon in Pakistan but its trend is increasing day by day. Hair transplant surgery is changing lives and help people look more beautiful at any age. Each one of those individuals who have lost the hair can turn around the mode after hair transplant surgery. No doubt, it is the perfect answer for men searching for a more youthful and appealing appearance. Many people lose their self-esteem due to extreme balding and thus their own and relatives lives endure. Hair surgery will ease you to move back the years and give you the representation that you seek. Balding is something that is exceptionally essential in men, everybody sooner or later or alternate experiences it. In any case, now you have a progressive and best solution available to you. If anyone thinks that his personality should groom and he is feeling to get more confident, then hair transplant surgery is the best option. The region from where the hair blended is called ‘the donor range’ and where the hair is replanted is perceived the ‘recipient area.’ The transplanted hair will carry on growing for a man’s lifetime. This automatic lifetime support makes the FUE hair transplant in Pakistan more suitable choice among all other available options.

With the problems of hair loss, none can spend a happy, balanced life. Especially, the working men have to concentrate on business affairs and have no enough time for proper health care. In such situations, the ratio of hair loss can increase and relatively the men do not feel well in peers. The baldness of a professional man may make him the casualty of scorn or criticism among associates. That regularly prompts lots of humiliation and loathing. Men won’t have the capacity to apply for their fantasy occupations since their personality has been overshadowed because of the bare patch.

In Pakistan, losing hair is an exceptionally an issue among both genders. You may clearly not select a hair transplant but rather picking it will surely do a ton of good. A hair transplant  is finished usual approach to disposing of sparseness with no dangerous symptoms. Incredible hair adds to your identity. The embedded follicles become natural, can be sliced and styled by wish, making you look your age and have a satisfying identity.





Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan

Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan

There are many people in Pakistan who has taken the treatment of hair transplant and they are satisfied with the treatment. The fue hair transplant results in Pakistan is amazing because there are many film actors who has taken this treatment and now they do not look from anywhere that they were bald. So the results are amazing and appealing and the results come in a very short time.

The best thing about fue hair transplant in Pakistan is that, that result comes early and there is no pain in such treatment. Most of the people get other kind of hair loss treatments in which hair specialist place the fake hairs on the head and you cannot cut it off. If you cut it off, then the hair will not grow. But if you take the Fue hair transplant you can see how the growth of your hairs is. Every month, you have to get it cut from the barber. Basically, through the fue hair transplant, you can find the real hairs and perfect growth of your hairs.

You can find the professional and amazing surgeon in the Lahore who is providing quality services at a very reasonable price. The basic problem of an average earning person is that, he or she cannot afford the treatment of Fue hair transplant, but the surgeon in Lahore has made is possible for the average earning person to get the hair loss treatment in Pakistan. The price of the treatment is affordable and easy to get this treatment.

The ratio of hair loss is increasing in the Pakistan day by day because due to several problems, people are facing hair falling problem and they need perfect treatment for it. People have found the Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan that is the reason why, they are rushing to the Lahore for such kind of treatment. The most of important thing is that, there is no harm of taking this treatment. So, if you are facing hair falling problem and you need a perfect treatment, and then you should consider with the hair specialist and get this problem solved early so that you can look attractive and appealing again. Always do research before getting treatment for yourself satisfaction.

Tips how to reduce the hair falling and how to get hair loss treatment in Lahore

Hair falling is a very common problem with almost 60% of the people around the world. Some of the people face this problem in the early age of 25-30 and most of the people face this problem after the age of 50. Therefore, it is very common that people are suffering in such kind of problem and they want perfect solution for solving this issue. Here are some home remedies which you can apply for hair loss treatment in Lahore .

Coconut milk – it is one of the great remedy for growing the new hairs and removing the baldness from your head. When you apply the mixture of the coconut milk on your head, it generates the perfect results in a short time.

Oil massage – oil massage is very important for recovering your head. Most of the time, you do not do oil massage for a long time due to which hair falling problem happens. Therefore, you have to do daily massages so that you could maintain the Follicular unit of the head.

Natural fresh juices – it is very important to drink the natural fresh juices because it contains the nutrition which gives you hair strong growth and you do not face the hair falling problem again.

Neem leaves – Neem is a treat which contains a large amount of nutrition. Therefore, you can use the neem leaves for increasing the growth of hairs. Therefore, you can make the past of neem leaves and apply it on your head regularly for maximum growth of your hairs.

These are some natural home remedies for growing the hairs on the head and reducing the hair falling. If after doing all such above things, you are still losing the hairs, then you should contact at hair transplant clinic in Lahore with the hair specialist for the perfect treatment.

There are many specialists available who knows the Hair restoration techniques in Lahore. Lahore is very busy city where you can find the hair specialist for perfect hair losing treatment.  Hair loss for men is a very common problem and most of the people want to recover the hairs early. Therefore, few hair transplant is the amazing treatment which makes your hair grow again as it was in the past. Therefore, you have to contact with the professional hair transplant specialist in Lahore for getting Fue hair transplant in Lahore for perfect hairs.